How to Pay Spotify Premium Using GCash

Back in the old days, accessing entertainment was so difficult and time-consuming, especially true for music lovers. They need to download MP3 files to listen to their favorite music and the latest song hits. While it allows offline access to songs, downloading MP3 files takes up so much space on your mobile phone or computer storage. 

How to Load GOMO Using GCash

If you seldom browse the internet or make calls and texts, GOMO is the perfect service provider that offers no expiry promos, which means you can use your load whenever you only need to. In addition, GOMO is very flexible as it allows users to convert their mobile data to another call and text credits, which is cost-effective.

How to Load DITO SIM using GCash

DITO is one of the newest networks in the Philippines, offering affordable plans from call and text promos to mobile data. Despite being a newcomer in the telecommunity, DITO instantly gained subscribers with their 25GB of high-speed data for 30 days as soon as you activate their sim card bought during the promo period.

How to Load Beep Card Using GCash

With the fast-paced life in the metro, having convenient access to products and services is ideal, especially for daily commuters. And if you’re using the Metro and Light Rail Transit System (MTR & LTR) as your mode of transportation to go from one place to another in Metro Manila, keeping a Beep card with you is very handy. This card makes it easier to pay your fare in the LRT or at selected Point-to-Point (P2P) PUVs and buses across the country by simply tapping your card. 

What is GCash PO (Pera Outlet)

If searching for additional ways to generate an income, applying for GCash PO is another easy business idea anyone should join. Whether you own a sari-sari store or any small business, the GCash PO can help grow your business, allowing you to earn up to P10,000 a month. And if you’re eager to have more income, keep reading to understand what is a GCash PO.

How To Increase GCash Limit to 100k and 500k

Many GCash users who primarily use the app for their online transactions, such as freelancers and online sellers, usually encounter problems with the default transaction limit of P100,000 per month if their income or sales increase. Also, if you’re constantly reaching the P100,000 transaction limit yourself, it may be high time increasing your GCash transaction limit to P500,000. So follow the steps in this guide on how to increase your GCash limit to 100k and 500k.

How To Activate GGives on GCash

GCash has leveled up the e-wallet features, from allowing bill payments to making online shopping more convenient. It also allows its users to save and invest, ensuring a better future. Aside from that, GCash also offers GGives, making it possible to purchase a product and pay later. While many installment plans are available, GGives is better since it has convenient payments.

How To Buy Load using GCash

If you need to purchase prepaid credits and don’t have the time to go outside, you can now buy load using GCash. Whether you need to top up your mobile number, a friend, a family, or planning to get into the mobile loading business, you can use GCash to buy load. So follow this guide to learn how to buy a load using GCash.

How To Increase GScore in GCash

GCash is undeniably one of the most popular e-wallets in the Philippines, allowing convenient transactions online and on-site. The app makes it easier to pay bills and shop online without needing cash at hand. And now that GCash offers lending products, users are eager to increase their GScore to be eligible for loans. So if you’re wondering how to increase GScore in GCash, follow the guide below to enjoy the app’s maximum offers. 

How To Buy Steam Credits using GCash

The Steam platform also has varying seasonal promotions, offering great deals on the latest games. And if you already have a Steam account, you can purchase games by paying with a credit card, Paypal, and other payment methods. But if you don’t have a credit card or Paypal account, you can top up your Steam wallet using GCash, for smooth and fast transactions.

How to Buy Garena Shells using GCash

Since not all gamers have a mobile banking account or credit cards, we recommend buying Garena Shells using GCash, for faster and more convenient transactions. So if you’re into Garena Games, from Call of Duty: Mobile to League of Legends, read on to learn how to buy Garena Shells using GCash.

How to Buy COD Points Using GCash

One of the most played first-person shooter war games in today’s generation, Call of Duty is an action-packed featuring excellent graphics and modern weapons. Operated by Garena Philippines, the COD franchise requires the use of the online currency Garena Shells to buy games, upgrades, premium mods, and in-game items.