How to find ZIP code in the Philippines

Whether you’re purchasing goods online or expecting a mail delivery, knowing your Zip code is essential to locate your address easier. It helps determine the receiver’s address and speed up the delivery of goods. You can also use a ZIP code when sending out a parcel to ensure the delivery to the accurate address. So if you’re wondering how to find a ZIP code in the Philippines, keep reading.

How To Get Senior Citizen ID in the Philippines

Becoming a senior citizen is one of the milestones some are looking forward to due to work retirement. However, some also fear reaching old age for the lack of financial income and if their retirement funds will suffice. Thus, getting a Senior Citizen ID would be beneficial, offering plenty of benefits, from discounts to tax exemptions. And if you’re reaching old age soon or your parents are turning 60s, follow our guide on how to get a Senior Citizen ID in the Philippines to enjoy varying privileges. 

How To Get a CENOMAR in the Philippines

If you’re planning to get married soon, you and your partner need to secure a CENOMAR since it’s one of the primary requirements all Filipinos should comply with before marriage. You may also use it for Fiancé Visa application, employment, applying for loans, and claiming benefits. And if you urgently need to secure the said document, read our guide on how to get a CENOMAR in the Philippines.

How do I know my BIR RDO code?

Are you wondering what your RDO code is? If yes, search no more. In this article, you’ll learn the easy steps to get your RDO code to know who has your tax record and identify the BIR office for your transactions. So without further ado, let’s dive into details.

How to Pay Your Taxes Online

Paying your BIR taxes is now made easy with varying channels, allowing e-payments for small to big taxpayers. You no longer need to travel and queue for hours as you can pay your taxes online in the comfort of your homes. And if you’re looking for convenient ways to settle your taxes, follow our guide on how to pay your taxes online.

How To Get Postal ID in the Philippines

Are you applying for a valid ID, but it also requires a valid ID to get one? We recommend getting a Postal ID if you don’t have any valid ID. The Postal ID is the easiest way to obtain a valid ID in the Philippines. It also has a quick application procedure and offers rush processing, ideal if you urgently need a valid ID. So to help you out, here’s the guide on how to get a Postal ID in the Philippines.

How Can I Get My Birth Certificate Online Philippines?

Whether enrolling in school or applying for a job, the birth certificate is necessary for many transactions. Also, if you have an old birth certificate but it’s not PSA certified, you can now get a new copy online before using it in any transactions. So if you’re wondering how to get a PSA birth certificate online, keep reading.

How To Get PNP National Police Clearance

Whether you’re seeking a job or taking a civil service exam, police clearance is requested as one of the requirements to prove that you don’t have a criminal record. You can also use it to register a firearm or acquire other documents from the government. So if you’re wondering how to get police clearance, keep on reading.

How to Pay SSS Contribution Using Gcash

If you’re an SSS member, paying your contribution is essential to avail of varying benefits such as maternity, retirement, housing, and educational loans. That’s why SSS members should ensure that their contributions are paid monthly or quarterly. And in this article, we’ll share how to pay SSS contributions using Gcash, one of the most utilized e-wallets to make online transactions.