How To Get Senior Citizen ID in the Philippines

Becoming a senior citizen is one of the milestones some are looking forward to due to work retirement. However, some also fear reaching old age for the lack of financial income and if their retirement funds will suffice. Thus, getting a Senior Citizen ID would be beneficial, offering plenty of benefits, from discounts to tax exemptions. And if you’re reaching old age soon or your parents are turning 60s, follow our guide on how to get a Senior Citizen ID in the Philippines to enjoy varying privileges. 

What is a Senior Citizen ID?

A Senior Citizen ID is issued by the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) to qualified individuals, allowing access to different benefits, assistance, and privileges from the Philippine government. It is also one of the valid IDs commonly accepted in any transaction in the Philippines. Thus, securing a Senior Citizen ID is necessary to enjoy and have a more comfortable retirement.

What are the benefits of a Senior Citizen ID?

The issuance of a Senior Citizen ID is to ensure that old-age Filipino citizens can live comfortably despite retirement. It aims to assist them in their expenses by providing discounts and tax exemptions and entitles the holder to government assistance. Also, here are some of the benefits a Senior Citizen ID holder can avail of, including:

Health/ Medical-related Benefits

  1. 20% Discount and VAT exemption when purchasing the following:
  • Generic and branded medicines and drugs
  • Influenza and pneumococcal vaccines
  • Vitamins and mineral supplements
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Medical and dental services
  • Diagnostic laboratory tests
  • Professional fees of attending physicians
  • Professional fees of licensed health workers
  1. Free services on the following (for government healthcare facilities):
  • Medical and dental services
  • Diagnostic and laboratory services (if physician requested)
  • Professional fees for attending doctor
  • DOH administered influenza virus and pneumococcal vaccines
  1. Mandatory Philhealth Coverage

Under the Republic Act No. 10465, all senior citizens are covered by the Philhealth program, regardless of life status.

Transportation Benefits

  1. 20% discount and VAT exemption on the following fare:
  • Domestic air and sea travel
  • Public railways
  • Public utilities, including jeepneys, taxis, buses, and shuttle services

Travel/ Entertainment/ Recreation Benefits

  1. 20% discount and VAT exemption on the following:
  • Room accommodation and amenities in hotels, beach and mountains resorts, and other similar establishments
  • Food and drinks and other consumable products in restaurants
  • Sports facilities and equipment rental fees
  • Amusement, leisure, and cultural admission fees

Utility Discounts

  1. 5% discount on monthly utility bills if a senior citizen is in a household

Criteria for discount:

  1. 50% discount on water, electric, and telephone bill for DSWD-accredited residential care, homes, and centers for senior citizens

Tax Exemptions

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption when purchasing goods and services
  • Individual income tax exemption (for minimum wage earner)

Necessity and Commodity Discounts

  • 5% discount on necessities such as rice, bread, fresh meat, fruits, and water
  • 5% discount on prime commodities such as dairy products, poultry feeds, school supplies, hollow blocks, and cement

Government Assistance

  • Employment opportunities
  • Livelihood training programs
  • Formal and non-formal education
  • DOH National Health Program
  • National Prevention of Blindness Program
  • Elderly housing program
  • Courtesy space in transport systems
  • Pension of P500 for indigent senior citizens

Funeral and Burial Benefits

  1. 20% discount and VAT exemption on the following:
  • Casket
  • Embalming services
  • Cremation
  • Wake cost
  • Pick-up from the hospital morgue
  • Transport to the burial site
  1. Death benefits assistance of P2,000 given to the closest relative who cared for the deceased indigent senior citizen

Who is qualified to get a Senior Citizen ID?

  • Ages 60 years old and above
  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Must be a resident in the city or municipality for at least 6-months

What are the requirements to get a Senior Citizen ID?

Before visiting OSCA, here are the following requirements to comply with to get a Senior Citizen ID:

  • Latest 1×1 ID picture
  • OSCA form
  • Photocopy of any of the following:
  • Comelec Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Old Residence Certificate
  • Postal ID
  • Any combined identification documents containing the applicant’s name, birth date, and current address.

How to get a Senior Citizen ID in the Philippines?

Once the stated requirements are complete, follow the steps below to get a Senior Citizen ID:

  1. Go to OSCA in the city or municipality you live.
  2. Then, get an OSCA form from the personnel or person in charge.
  3. Fill out the OSCA form.
  4. Review if the provided information on the OSCA form is correct and submit it, including other requirements.
  5. Then, wait for the issuance of the Senior Citizen ID. The processing time varies in each city or municipality, but they usually release the Senior Citizen ID in an hour or less.