What is GCash Jr?

Are you wondering how to teach your kids to be financially literate at an early age? Or you’re looking for ways to teach them how to independent? If you answered yes to both questions, then GCash Jr is the perfect tool for your kids. But what is GCash Jr, and how does it differ from regular GCash accounts?

How to Load RFID Using GCash

When you constantly travel for work, business, or leisure, the expressways are the ideal route to shorten your travel time to Metro Manila and other nearby cities and provinces. And since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) mandated the expressways and tollways to utilize a cashless payment method known as RFID.

GLoan: Cash Loan by GCash

Aside from GCredit, GCash now offers its avid users the GLoan feature, which is beneficial for those who need to pay their bills or shop for major appliances. If you need extra funds, GLoan is ideal as you can cash out your loan to pay for other matters. 

How To Login to GCash without Mobile App

In today’s generation, keeping a GCash account is beneficial to make your daily transactions convenient, from shopping and paying bills to send remittances to your loved ones. But since the GCash app is accessible through an internet connection, it can be frustrating if you suddenly face technical issues right when you need funds from your e-wallet.

How to Pay Home Credit via GCash

If you’re planning to purchase a new smartphone or appliances like a fridge and Smart TV, but you can’t pay full in cash, Home Credit is the answer to your problems. With Home Credit, you can now buy appliances and electronic gadgets and pay later via GCash.