What is GInsure GCash Insurance

Insurance is essential as it will benefit you, your family, and even your assets. However, not everyone can afford it since most insurance companies offer steep monthly fees. Fortunately, you can avail of an affordable insurance policy with GInsure GCash Insurance.

But what is GInsure GCash Insurance? Read on as we share everything to know about GInsure GCash Insurance, from the requirements to flexible insurance policies suited to your budget.

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What is GInsure GCash Insurance?

Powered by AXA and MicroEnsure, GInsure GCash Insurance is a policy accessible via the GCash app, offering Life, Personal Accident (PA), and Daily Hospital Income (DHI) insurance. It provides innovative insurance policies to protect GCash users in case of hospitalization, accidents, and death.


GCash Insurance provides coverage once you get the SMS confirmation after 1 to days. However, the death or hospital benefit is only accessible by insured members and dependents 15 days after the coverage started, given its caused by sickness. Meanwhile, there’s no waiting period if death and hospitalization are due to accidents.

  • Personal Accident – cash support granted to the insured member in case of accidents or injuries intended to cover bills and recovery. 
  • Term Life – financial support granted to the dependents and family in case of the insured member’s death.
  • Daily Hospital Income – cash support that helps cover the daily expenses of insured members in case of hospitalization.

Available Products on GInsure GCash Insurance


A 3-in-1 insurance product, INSUREME39 is a protection you can purchase for as low as P39 monthly premium with coverage ranging from P25,000 to P200,000. It’s upgradable from P78 to P440 (for one (1) GCash user) and P117 to P1,320 (for one (1) GCash user and two (2) family members).

Singlife Cash

Singlife Cash is another insurance policy thru GInsure starting as low as P300 per year. Under this product, you can avail protection from Dengue Costs, Income Loss, and Accidents.


Here are the following requirements to avail of GInsure GCash Insurance:

Qualified Dependents for Family Insurance Products

For married users:

  • Legal spouse not over 64 years of age
  • Children 3 to 21 years old

For Single users:

  • Parents not over 64 years of age
  • Siblings between 3 to 21 years old

Note that you should have proof of relationship with your nominated dependents, like a Marriage or Birth Certificate, which is required when securing any claim. Also, you can add two (2) dependents, whether they are GCash users or not.

How to get insured with GCash Insurance

Via SMS (for INSUREME39)

  1. Text INSUREME39 to 2158-9628 (for Globe users) and 22565-9628 (for non-Globe users). Then, you’ll receive a text from GCash confirming insurance protection after 1 to 2 business days.
  2. Also, the deduction of the insurance fee is automatic, so ensure you have enough GCash balance.
  3. Once paid, you’ll receive the details of your insurance policy via SMS.
  4. Then, the insurance policy will automatically renew, and the monthly subscription fee will be deducted from your GCash balance every 30 days.

Via GCash app (for other insurance policies)

  1. Log in to your GCash account.
  2. Tap GInsure on the dashboard.
  3. Select an insurance policy on the available products.
  4. Click the product and choose a coverage plan.
  5. Review and confirm your details.
  6. Confirm payment by clicking the Pay button.
  7. Then, a congratulatory page will appear once you’ve successfully purchased the insurance product.