SIM Card Registration Law Guide

With the rapid development of communication technology, connecting with your friends and loved ones worldwide is possible. However, while innovation provides many benefits, many Filipinos fall victim to security threats. That’s why the SIM Card Registration Act was signed to protect everyone from rampant mobile-based cybercrimes.

How to Load GOMO Using GCash

If you seldom browse the internet or make calls and texts, GOMO is the perfect service provider that offers no expiry promos, which means you can use your load whenever you only need to. In addition, GOMO is very flexible as it allows users to convert their mobile data to another call and text credits, which is cost-effective.

How to Load DITO SIM using GCash

DITO is one of the newest networks in the Philippines, offering affordable plans from call and text promos to mobile data. Despite being a newcomer in the telecommunity, DITO instantly gained subscribers with their 25GB of high-speed data for 30 days as soon as you activate their sim card bought during the promo period.