Cellphone Number Prefixes in the Philippines

phone number prefixes philippines

Although you are using Philippine’s cellphone number for a long time, there might be still confused about the prefixes, and which of them belong to a network. I’ve encountered so many times where people asked me what the network might be before they start a call. The common number prefixes here in the country belongs to Touch Mobile, Talk ‘N Text, Red Mobile, Sun Cellular, Smart, and Globe.

You can take a look at these charts, and begin searching the phone number network of your friends or relatives. It will help you in so many ways if you need to talk to them over the phone without charging too much on your end.

Prefix Network Prefix Network
0813 Smart 0936 Globe or Touch Mobile
0817 Globe (VOIP) 0937 ABS-CBN (Globe)
0905 Globe or Touch Mobile 0938 Smart, Talk ‘N Text, or Red Mobile
0906 Globe or Touch Mobile 0939 Smart, Talk ‘N Text, or Red Mobile
0907 Smart or Talk ‘N Text 0942 Sun Cellular
0908 Smart 0943 Sun Cellular
0909 Smart or Talk ‘N Text 0945 Globe
0910 Smart or Talk ‘N Text 0946 Talk ‘N Text
0911 Smart (unreleased) 0947 Smart
0912 Smart or Talk ‘N Text 0948 Talk ‘N Text
0913 Smart 0949 Smart
0914 Smart 0950 Talk ‘N Text
0915 Globe 0955 Globe or Touch Mobile
0916 Globe or Touch Mobile 0956 Globe
0917 Globe 0965 Globe or Touch Mobile
09173 Globe Postpaid 0966 Globe
09175 Globe Postpaid 0970 Smart
09176 Globe Postpaid 0973 Extelcom
09178 Globe Postpaid 0974 Extelcom
0918 Smart 0975 Touch Mobile
0919 Smart or Talk ‘N Text 0976 Globe or Touch Mobile
0920 Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Addict Mobile 0977 Globe
0921 Smart or Talk ‘N Text 0978 Next Mobile
0922 Sun Cellular 0979 Next Mobile
0923 Sun Cellular 0981 Smart
0924 Sun Cellular 0989 Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0925 Sun Cellular 0994 Globe
09253 Globe Postpaid 0995 Globe
09255 Sun Postpaid 0996 Cherry Prepaid (Globe)
09256 Globe Postpaid 0997 Globe or Touch Mobile
09257 Globe Postpaid 0998 Smart
09258 Sun Postpaid 0999 Smart (old Umobile prefix
0926 Globe or Touch Mobile    
0927 Globe or Touch Mobile    
0928 Smart  
0929 Smart or Talk ‘N Text  
0930 Smart, Talk ‘N Text, or Red Mobile  
0932 Sun Cellular  
0933 Sun Cellular  
0934 Sun Cellular  
0935 Touch Mobile  

The Philippine mobile number usually starts with 9 and followed by 3 digits. The wrong misconception about this code is to indicate the geographic. The truth is, it doesn’t mean that way. It means that each number belongs to a specific service provider. That’s why when you get the hang of each of them, it’s easier to tell the network someone is using.

Back then, there were particular codes for different telecoms or service provider. For example, Express Telecom used 973, Globe (GSM) was 917, Islam was 915, Mobiline (CDMA) was 912, while Smart got 918. People used these numbers for several years. The owner of Smart was Eastern Telecoms until PLDT bought it a long time ago. On the other hand, Globe telecom acquired Islacom. Due to the rapid growth of telecommunication companies starting from the year 1990s, there must be new codes to reach the people’s demand.

So, which of these telecommunication networks works best? Actually, the answer depends on your location. I don’t have the accuracy to tell which has the fastest speed out of them all. However, the big telecoms among them are Smart, Talk ‘N Text, and Globe. The list we’ve provided a change from time to time. Therefore, we can give updates when new ones appear.

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