Complete List of TM Promos – Text, Call, Internet Data

Complete List of TM Promos – Text, Call, Internet Data

We are now in modern times, wherein a mobile phone is a primary key for you to stay connected to your family and friend wherever you are. You don’t need to pay for a pricey postpaid subscription. You can register on the call and text promos for 1-month validity or more. They are extendable up to 365 times.

No doubt, TM is the cheaper version of Globe Prepaid. As you compare the call and text promo, TM is more affordable and a bang for a buck. Make sure to review all the promos that we will present in the table.

Load registration is pretty simple. Just dial *143# and look for the available promos available at present. Alternatively, you can use the keyword we will be provided below and send it to 8080. The other way is through GCash, Paymaya, and Coins.PH. However, some of the promos are not available on this platform, but you can always register to regular load and use the keywords in this article. You can also load your prepaid sim through 7/11.

We are happy to provide the complete lists of TM promos for you to enjoy and let you continue to communicate with your loved ones in a different part of the world. With TM, you can load anytime you want – no pressure. The promo’s prices ranged from P5 to P30. It will only cost you 30 pesos for unlimited text and call for five days. Moreover, it only costs P10 for a 2-day unlimited text to TM/Globe.

That’s it! You will probably enjoy all the promos TM offers. The complete list we have provided can save you the hassle of searching through the net for the cheapest TM prepaid load. Stay connected with your loved ones!

List of All TM Internet Data Promos 2020

If you are searching for the most affordable internet data promo, TM has the answers. This network has everything you need when it comes to your online needs. All of the subscription offers are worth your budget. However, you have to upgrade your TM prepaid to LTE to enjoy all their internet promos. It also offers loads for online gamers who consume a lot of data in a day.

So, what are the steps to upgrade your TM into LTE sim?

The instruction is pretty simple. Compared to SUN and TNT, upgrading your sim into LTE is entirely free.

  1. Go to the nearest Globe store or Globe Service Center and get your free LTE Sim. It is possible as soon as you receive a message from TM stating about the sim upgrade. If not, you can present your two valid IDs and your TM number.
  2. Type UPGRADE and send it to 8080 using your current sim. Beware that the code you will receive is solely for you. Do not share it with anyone. Take note of the code you receive. Take note that the code is only valid for 15 minutes. Make sure to use it before it gets expired.
  3. Insert the LTE-ready sim on your phone. As soon as you open your phone, you will a popup to type the code you received for upgrading your sim. It will take up to 5 minutes. That’s it, you’ll have TM LTE Sim for faster internet connection.

The good news is that you don’t have to subscribe to postpaid plans. We will provide the list of all TM internet data promos this 2020 using a table. Some of the promos you will find here might not be available when you dial *143#.

PromoDetailsHow to SubscribeValidityCost
UNLITAWAG15Unlimited calls to TM and GlobeText U15 to 80801 dayP15
TXT5Extends your UNLITAWAG15 for 1 more dayText T5 to 80801 dayP5
TXT10Unlimited texts to TM and GlobeText T10 to 80802 daysP10
DAGDAGTXTAdds 100 texts to all networks to your UNLITAWAG15Text DAGDAGTXT TO 80801 dayP5
SULITXT525 texts to TM and GlobeText SULITXT5 to 80801 dayP5
ASTIGTXT30Unlimited texts to TM and GlobeText ASTIGTXT30 to 80805 daysP30
ALLIN20Unlimited calls to TM and Globe + unlimited texts to all networks + 100 MB FacebookText A20 to 80802 daysP20
COMBOALL20Unlimited calls and texts to TM and Globe + 50 texts to all networksText CA20 to 80803 daysP20
COMBO15Unlimited texts to all networks + 120 minutes of calls to TM and GlobeText C15 to 80802 daysP15
EXTEND5Extends all unlimited call and text promos for 1 dayText EXTEND to 80801 dayP5
A20YTUnlimited calls to TM and Globe + unlimited texts to all networks + 100 MB YouTube accessText A20YT to 80802 daysP20
A20FBUnlimited calls to TM and Globe + unlimited texts to all networks + 100 MB Facebook accessText A20FB to 80802 daysP20
A20MLUnlimited calls to TM and Globe + unlimited texts to all networks + 100 MB Mobile Legends accessText A20ML to 80802 daysP20
A20WPUnlimited calls to TM and Globe + unlimited texts to all networks + 100 MB Wattpad accessText A20WP to 80802 daysP20


Promo NameDetailsHow to SubscribeValidityCost
SUPERSURF50Unlimited mobile dataText SUPERSURF50 to 80801 dayP50
SUPERSURF200Unlimited mobile dataText SUPERSURF200 to 80805 daysP200
EASYSURF1040 MB mobile dataText EASYSURF10 to 80801 dayP10
EASYSURF1540 MB mobile data + 30 MB Mobile LegendsText EASYSURF15 to 80802 daysP15
EASYSURF501 GB mobile data + 300 MB chosen appText EASYSURF50 to 80803 daysP50
EASYSURF2991.5 GB mobile data + 1 GB chosen appText EASYSURF299 to 808030 daysP299
EASYSURF5994 GB mobile data + 1 GB chosen appText EASYSURF599 to 808030 daysP599
EASYSURF9998 GB mobile data + 1 GB chosen appText EASYSURF999 to 808030 daysP999

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