How to Redeem Globe Rewards

Are you a Globe user? If so, you probably love the fact that you’ll receive Globe rewards. The good thing about this one is that you’ll have some freebies and other discounts on loads or more. You can win one of these things if you purchase some of the Globe text, call, or data promos.

Another great news is that the Globe rewards are available to both prepaid and postpaid users. As soon as you receive them, you can claim prizes and discounts on 3000 partner establishments. Some of them are Shell, Bench, KFC, SM Cinema, National Bookstore, and a lot more.

It’s exciting to learn that you can purchase a load, and at the same time, earn some rewards. The crucial thing is that you might be having trouble claiming them. That’s why we are going to give you easy-to-follow instructions.

In this article, you will learn how to redeem rewards and how to use the Globe rewards app to track your points and the available prizes.

How To Claim Globe Rewards

1. Check your points balance by typing BAL to 4438. The other option is by dialing *143# and choose the Check Point Balance, then go to the Total Available Points option.

2. On your message box, type REDEEM and send to 4438. For example, REDEEM FBMES1D

3. You can claim your rewards by dialing *143#, then click the Globe Rewards section. Go to the Redeem Rewards, then Globe Telco Product.

Another excellent thing about this Globe Reward is that you can share it with others. However, it currently unavailable, but you can go for the gift option to give to some of your friends.

How to Give the Globe Rewards as a Gift

Just type GIFT<10-digit recipient number> then send it to 4438. For example, GIFT FBMES1D 0930567138 .What if you are getting annoyed with the Globe’s notification every day after loading? You can stop Globe Rewards via messages. However, the thing is, you can receive the points, but you cannot redeem the rewards.

Stop Globe Rewards by sending STOP to 4438. In case you change your mind, you can type YES and send it to 4438.

What are the mechanics of receiving points?

There’s actually no science behind it. You only need to load your Globe number. After loading, the points you’ll get are 2% equivalent of your availed promo. So, for example, if you load 50 pesos, you’ll get an instant 1 point. It will add as you keep on buying loads.

So, what if you are a postpaid user? You have nothing to worry about. You can get your points depending on your total monthly bill payments.

When is the expiry of points?

If you earn points in an end year, you only have 3 months to redeem your rewards. You need to make sure that you claim your prizes before March 31, so that your points would not be forfeited or go to waste.

The Importance of Globe Rewards App

You can install this app at the Play Store or App Store. Having this one your phone can help you to check your points and claim your rewards instantly. You can view the lists of all the Globe’s offer based on your points. Pick the one you want to claim and click REDEEM. It helps you claim reward smoothly and efficiently.

With this application, it is also possible to track your transaction updates, and you can get exclusive freebies not available for other Globe users.
Claim your rewards before it gets unavailable. Enjoy and share them with your friends!