10 Common Mistakes First-Time Business Owners Make

Starting your very first business can be a heady rush. The excitement of knowing you’re about to make your dreams come true can threaten to overwhelm everything, including your logical brain, and you can get caught up in the moment easily.

When that happens, it can often also mean that you overlook simple, common mistakes that many business owners frequently make, through no fault of their own; they’re just thrilled to finally be out from under their boss’ shadow.

If you’re thinking of starting a business and you want to make sure you don’t get something simple wrong, then read on. Here are 10 common mistakes first-time business owners make!

How To Use Pomelo: Key Features, Benefits, and Tips

Every year, billions of dollars are sent back home from overseas Filipinos to support their families and loved ones. The process usually includes a cash transfer service that may entail high fees and long wait periods. Pomelo, a charge card platform, has emerged as a more cost-effective and convenient alternative for sending money overseas.

6 Supply Chain Management Tips for First-Time Business Owners

If it’s a dream you’ve nurtured for years, it will be incredibly rewarding to start your own small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) in the Philippines from scratch. But many entrepreneurs will tell you that it will be an uphill battle in the beginning. One challenge you should be prepared to master as soon as possible is supply chain management.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Paraphrasing Tool?

Being a content marketer in this digital world, you should be aware of the hassles involved in curating a piece of text. The writers are often asked to come up with unique ideas, and they spend ample time brainstorming ideas. Whatever time is spent on research is never wasted, as it allows you to bring the best ideas to the table. 

How To Create CIMB GSave Account

Whether you want to manage personal finances or profits from business, GCash has various partner banks you can choose from, such as the GSave by CIMB. It is available on the GCash app and allows GCash users to open a savings account without an initial deposit.

What is CIMB UpSave Account

Nowadays, owning an online bank account is essential in various transactions, from purchasing goods to paying bills. It allows you to manage your finances right at your fingertips. And with the CIMB UpSave Account, you can grow your savings and enjoy online banking without charges.

Navigating Business Loan Interest Rates in the Philippines

In business financing, few factors hold as much sway over your decision as loan interest rates. These seemingly innocuous numbers play a pivotal role in shaping the feasibility of your entrepreneurial dreams. Understanding your loan’s interest rates is paramount, whether starting a new venture or growing an existing one.

How to Create MySaveUp by BPI GSave Account

Saving money as early as possible, no matter how big or small, allows you to secure your future and ensure you have cash in times of need. But if you find it troublesome to open a bank account, go for the MySaveUp by BPI GSave Account, which is accessible via the GCash app.

How To Increase CIMB REVI Credit Limit

Have you applied for a CIMB REVI Credit and wondering how to increase your limit? If yes, search no more, as we got you covered. The REVI Credit by CIMB Bank Philippines offers a minimum of P1,000 and a maximum of P250,000 credit limit, which you can apply for on your mobile phone.

What is REVI Credit in CIMB Bank?

In need of cash to buy a new gadget or to pay bills? If you’re out of funds and wondering where to get an instant loan, try the REVI Credit in CIMB Bank. It’s a credit line you can apply for thru your phone with few requirements and up to a P250,000 credit limit. But what is REVI Credit in CIMB Bank?