How to Check Your Balance in Globe

Globe Telecom, Inc., is a leading provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. More commonly referred to as “Globe,” it is the biggest mobile network in the country, with almost 90 million mobile subscribers as of May 2020.

Of course, if you are a Globe prepaid or postpaid subscriber, keeping track of your load balance is important. Before making any calls, sending text messages, or using mobile data, you need to make sure that you have enough load balance. Fortunately, there are several ways to do this.

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4 Ways to Check Your Globe Load Balance

Need to check your load balance in Globe? Here are some quick and easy methods:

1. Dialing *143#

This is perhaps the fastest way to check your Globe load balance. You don’t have to memorize any keywords, so it’s really convenient, too!

Simply dial *143# on your phone, and your load balance will appear, along with a menu. If you also want to check your data balance, just choose the number corresponding to “My Account,” then press Send. Next, choose “Data Balance,” press Send, and you will receive a text message indicating your Globe data balance.

Checking your load balance by dialing *143# is free of charge. Even if you have zero balance in your account, you can still use this method.

2. Texting BAL to 222

This is another way to check your Globe load balance, and it’s free of charge, too! Simply text the keyword BAL to 222, and you will receive a text message stating your load balance. The message will also include the expiration date and how many free texts you have, if any.

Take note, however, that this method does not include your data balance. If you want to check your remaining mobile data – particularly if you are subscribed to an Internet promo — just text DATA BAL to 8080. You will then receive a text message containing your data balance.

3. Dialing 222

Just dial 222, and you will receive a text message indicating your load balance in Globe. Take note that this is not a customer service hotline; rather, it is an automated service that reveals your load balance.

Calling this number is also free of charge, although it doesn’t include your data balance. As mentioned earlier, you can text the keywords DATA BAL to 8080 to know your data balance.

4. Using the GlobeOne App

The GlobeOne app is described as “a digital companion for everything Globe.” This app can be used not only for checking your load balance, but accessing other services, too. Through this app, you can: monitor your mobile data usage; pay your bills; subscribe to call, text, and Internet promos; and buy prepaid load.

If you have multiple accounts, the GlobeOne app offers a convenient way of managing them. For instance, you can use it to top up your child’s prepaid account directly, without him/her having to buy load from a store. Likewise, the app is useful for keeping track of your various prepaid, postpaid, and broadband accounts with Globe.

Simply download the GlobeOne app from the App Store ( or Google Play ( Follow the instructions in adding your account name and number, and also in adding other accounts, such as your Globe Postpaid, your family members’ accounts, or your Globe at Home account. Once everything has been added, you can start managing your accounts… all in one place!

As you can see, checking your Globe load balance is easy, convenient, and free. Whether you’re using a prepaid, postpaid, or broadband account – there are different ways to ensure that you have enough load for your everyday communication and Internet activities.