What is GCash Global Stocks?

Want to invest in stocks but don’t know where to start with? Don’t worry since GCash made investing fun and easy with GCash Global Stocks. Qualified users can start investing internationally with the e-wallet’s new stock trading feature. But what is GCash Global Stocks?

To find out, read on as we answer what is GCash Global Stocks and everything you need to know about this new feature from the country’s leading e-wallet.

What is GCash Global Stocks?

A newly introduced product from GCash, GStock is an online investing game where users can buy, sell, and manage global stocks. GCash Global Stocks is powered by EasyEquities, a fun investing game from your favorite e-wallet, offering exciting prizes. This new feature allows GCash users to invest in Global Stocks for as low as $1.

Recently, the Philippine Stock Exchange announced its partnership with GCash, allowing investing and trading of local stock in the app. If you check the GCash app, you’ll see a notice that Global Stocks is coming soon. Once the feature becomes available, GCash users can buy and sell National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Moreover, those who want to invest in Global Stocks don’t need US dollars since the app has a built-in currency exchange, allowing GCash users to convert and transfer Philippine pesos to US dollars. Thus, GCash users can invest and trade with ease anytime and anywhere.


But before you think about investing in GCash Global Stocks, ensure you meet the following requirements to access the GStocks Game Fantasy Challenge:

  • Should be at least 18 years old
  • Should be a Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines
  • Should be a fully-verified GCash user

GStocks Game Fantasy Challenge

Here are the following mechanics you should keep in mind to enjoy earning through the digital wallet’s new online investing game:

  • The GStocks Game Fantasy Challenge runs from June 26, 2023, to August 4, 2023, from Monday to Friday. Then, the game resets every Saturday.
  • Every week, users will receive $10,000 of fantasy money, which they can invest.
  • To qualify for the weekly prize, the user should place one order or trade before the market closes on Wednesday of the game week.
  • The lucky winner is the account with the highest net asset value (NAV) or the most profitable investment account when the US Market closes on the Friday of each game week.
  • But if there’s a draw where two (2) users/accounts have equal NAV when the US Market closes on the Friday of the game week, the prize will be equally divided to each winner.

Note the GStocks Game Fantasy Challenge will reflect the US investment market in real-time. Also, users will receive badges for different in-game activities. During the GStocks Game Fantasy Challenge, users will get rewards for accomplishing badge goals. Lastly, the badges won’t reset every week and are only applicable throughout the game duration.

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Participants who join the GStocks Game Fantasy Challenge can win 1,000 for the 15th prize and up to 10,000 for the 1st prize. The prize money is also directly transferred to the GCash accounts of lucky winners. However, users cannot exchange the play money they have collected from the weekly challenge for Philippine pesos. It’s not transferrable to their GCash accounts or other users.

Once the Global Stocks feature is available, qualified users can sign up by clicking the View All button on the main page. Under the Enjoy options, select GStocks Game and choose whether to invest or play. Then, fill out the required fields to complete the registration process.