Adding Quality Office Space Quickly: A Step-by-Step Guide

As businesses grow, the need for more office space becomes inevitable. The challenge is to find a solution that allows for rapid expansion while maintaining a high-quality working environment and minimising disruptions to the current staff and operations. Modular construction is the perfect fit, offering cost-effectiveness, superior quality control, and quick installation. Here are three essential steps to ensure a successful and efficient office expansion project.

  1. Define Your Requirements: Start by determining the space and facilities your new offices need to provide. Consider the number of people working in the new space as it dictates the required area per person. Factor in the need for meeting spaces for employees and external clients or visitors. Consider additional requirements, such as private areas for HR functions, separate staff and visitor toilets, and a staff kitchen area. Embrace the opportunity to improve accessibility, which may have been a challenge in legacy buildings. Modular buildings allow for flexible configurations, with partition walls providing the necessary offices, meeting rooms, and facilities, all equipped with acoustic insulation to ensure privacy and reduce noise.
  2. Source Ex-Stock: To expedite the process, consider buying an existing building and refurbishing it to your specifications. Look for a supplier with access to a wide range of stock, as this provides more options for finding the right building that suits your needs. PF Modular keeps a variety of pre-owned buildings in stock, ranging from single units to complete two-storey office complexes. These buildings can be purchased as seen or refitted internally and refinished externally to your preferences.
  3. Set Your Standards: Determine the finish you want for your new offices. Decisions about wall finishes, lighting, flooring, and other details will help us understand your vision and align our work accordingly. Our modular buildings adhere to all relevant building regulations and requirements, ensuring the fundamentals are in place. For the finishing touches, we offer a range of options, from smart and functional to eye-catching and impressive.

Our modular offices are built to the highest standards, meeting all regulatory requirements and offering ‘factory’ quality control. Advantages include:

  • Speed: The timeline depends on various factors, but we have achieved installations in as little as six weeks from the order date. The onsite construction phase is also completed swiftly, minimising disruptions.
  • Cost: Pre-owned modular buildings are more cost-effective than traditionally built office blocks.
  • Future-Proofing: Modular buildings are easily extendable or reconfigurable and can be relocated or sold when your needs change.

By choosing modular construction, you avoid prolonged disruptions and let us handle the building process efficiently. The team at PF Modular will build, transport, install, and commission your new office space with minimal fuss, allowing you to move in and focus on running your business smoothly.