How Can I Get My Birth Certificate Online Philippines?

Whether enrolling in school or applying for a job, the birth certificate is necessary for many transactions. Also, if you have an old birth certificate but it’s not PSA certified, you can now get a new copy online before using it in any transactions. So if you’re wondering how to get a PSA birth certificate online, keep reading.

What is a Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is a primary document all Filipinos should possess, containing the details of their nationality, identity, birth date, and parentage. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) also considers it the official record of a child’s birth. In addition, a birth certificate is usually a required document in the following:

How to get a PSA Birth Certificate online?

If you want to get a PSA birth certificate online, you can request it through the official PSA online facility PSA Serbilis or via Also, before you request a birth certificate online, check out the difference between the two services:

PSA Serbilis

Total Fee: P330

Delivery Time:

Metro Manila- 4-6 working days

Other Provinces- 6-8 working days

Other Countries- 6-8 weeks

Total Fee: P365

Delivery Time:

Metro Manila- 3-4 working days

Other Provinces- 3-8 working days

Other Countries- None

Via PSA Serbilis

Getting your birth certificate via PSA Serbilis is ideal if you’re not in a hurry. They also deliver to selected countries through Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) and FedEx for addresses outside the country. To get your birth certificate online via PSA Serbilis, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PSA Serbilis website.
  2. On the homepage, click the Birth Certificate button.
  3. Tick off the boxes of Terms & Conditions and Data Privacy Note. Then, click Next.
  4. Answer the following questions with Yes or No, and click Next. 
  • Was there any correction or amendment (ex. change/correction of entries or court proceedings) done to the birth certificate you are applying?
  • Were you able to previously get a copy of the birth certificate from PSA?
  1. On the Request Details – BIRTH section, choose your preferred number of copies.
  2. Fill out the Certificate Details. If for delivery to an Embassy, select the location. If not, choose the Purpose of Request. Then, click Next.
  3. Next, fill out the Requester’s Details and Delivery Address and click Next.
  4. Review the details you have provided and read the delivery instructions. Then, click Confirm. 
  5. In the Summary section, review your request details and click Next. 
  6. Read the Acknowledgement page and print two copies of it to pay the fee on designated banks. You’ll also receive an acknowledgment in your email. Then, click Proceed to Payment.
  7. Select your preferred payment method or click Pay Now if paying through Visa and American Express. Take note that GCash is accepted only for delivery within the Philippines. If you choose to pay in designated banks, bring a copy of the Acknowledgment page and reference number to complete the payment.
  8. After paying, wait for the delivery of your birth certificate.


Formerly the, PSAHelpline is a local contact center where you can get a PSA birth certificate and other civil registry records. It is also ideal getting your birth certificate online through this service if you’re residing outside of Metro Manila to get your document faster. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click Order Now.
  3. On the next page, click Start a New Order.
  4. Choose Birth as the Certificate Type. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Then, click Continue.
  5. Next, select My Own Birth Certificate and click Continue.
  6. Fill out the required fields and click Continue.
  7. Review your name and click Continue.
  8. Fill out your Father and Mother’s Names and click Continue.
  9. Select your Birthplace and click Continue.
  10. Verify if your birth certificate was registered on time or late.
  11. Select the purpose of the request.
  12. Select if Legal Proceedings was done or click None.
  13. Fill out the Delivery Address and Contact Information.
  14. Indicate your preferred number of copies and confirm the request.
  15. Choose the payment method and complete the payment. Then, wait for the delivery of your birth certificate.