How To Load Cignal Using Gcash

Through Cignal TV offerings, accessing your favorite channels and shows is possible with prepaid and post-paid subscriptions. So no matter what budget, you can choose a prepaid promo that suits your entertainment preference.

And with GCash as one of its official prepaid loading channels, reloading your Cignal account is more convenient. But how can you load your Cignal account using GCash? To find out, read our in-depth guide on how to load Cignal using GCash.

What is Cignal?

Established in 2009, Cignal TV is one of the leading Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite providers in the Philippines, offering varying channels, from HD, movies, and foreign to news, kids, and general entertainment. This service provider also has packages ideal for individual subscribers and businesses.

Cignal TV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaQuest Holdings Inc and utilizes Smart Communication as its electronic loading system. Thus, Cignal TV is an innovative service provider that uses satellite technology instead of traditional cables.

Furthermore, Cignal offers a Prepaid Ultimate HD Kit for P1,990 for those who need a satellite dish and set-top box (STB). But if you already have a satellite dish or you’re switching to a different provider, Cignal offers a Prepaid HD Box for only P1,490.

What are the prepaid promos of Cignal TV?

Before we dive straight into the steps on how to load Cignal using GCash, let’s first look into the prepaid promos you can avail yourself from Cignal TV:

Lite Load SD

  • Lite Load SD 30- 75 SD channels
  • Lite Load SD 88- 88 SD channels
  • Lite Load SD 94- 94 SD channels

Lite Load HD

  • Lite Load HD 30- 14 HD channels, 75 SD channels
  • Lite Load HD 50- 24 HD channels, 88 SD channels
  • Lite Load HD 75- 28 HD channels, 94 SD channels

Cignal TV Prepaid Premium SD

  • Prepaid Premium SD 100- 36 SD channels
  • Prepaid Premium SD 175- 42 SD channels
  • Prepaid Premium SD 200- 62 SD channels
  • Prepaid Premium SD 300- 75 SD channels
  • Prepaid Premium SD 450- 81 SD channels
  • Prepaid Premium SD 500- 83 SD channels
  • Prepaid Premium SD 600- 88 SD channels
  • Prepaid Premium SD 1000- 92 SD channels

Cignal TV Prepaid Ultimate HD

  • Ultimate HD 100- 1 HD channel, 36 SD channels
  • Ultimate HD 175- 3 HD channels, 42 SD channels
  • Ultimate HD 200- 7 HD channels, 62 SD channels
  • Ultimate HD 300- 14 HD channels, 72 SD channels
  • Ultimate HD 450- 14 HD channels, 81 SD channels
  • Ultimate HD 500- 22 HD channels, 83 SD channels
  • Ultimate HD 600- 24 HD channels, 88 SD channels
  • Ultimate HD 800- 26 HD channels, 92 SD channels
  • Ultimate HD 1000- 28 HD channels, 94 SD channels

How to load Cignal using GCash?

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to top up your Cignal account, follow the steps below on how to load Cignal using GCash:

  1. Launch and log in to GCash on your device.
  2. Click the Load button on the dashboard.
  3. Under the Buy Load For section, enter the mobile number of the recipient of the e-PIN from Cignal and click Next. You can also select from your contacts by clicking the Phonebook button on the right.
  4. On the Buy Load page, swipe the upper tab and click PAYTV.
  5. Select your preferred Cignal prepaid load denomination and click Next.
  6. Double-check the payment details and click Pay.
  7. Wait for the SMS message from GCash containing the Cignal e-PIN. Then, use the e-Pin to reload your Cignal account and access your prepaid subscription.

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How can I reload my Cignal account?

Once you’ve successfully bought a Cignal prepaid load, the next step is to reload your Cignal account using the e-PIN sent on your mobile number. To do so, follow the steps below:

Via SMS (For Smart/TNT and Sun Subscribers)

Since Cignal uses Smart Communication and Sun rebrands to Smart Postpaid, Smart and active Sun subscribers can opt to reload their Cignal account via SMS. This step is also ideal if you don’t have internet access or you can’t utilize the web loading tool. 

With a Smart/TNT or Sun mobile number, text CIGNAL<space>(PIN) to 5353 to reload your Cignal account via SMS. Also, there’s a P1 charged per text. But if it’s your first time topping up your account, you first have to text CIGNAL<space>REG<space>(Cignal Account Number) to 5353. Remember, you only have to register your Cignal account once and text the e-PIN on your next reload.

Via Cignal Web Loading Tool

On the other hand, if you’re not a Smart or Sun subscriber, you can still reload your account using the Cignal web loading tool by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Cignal web loading tool.
  2. Enter the Prepaid Account Number you want to top up.
  3. Enter the PIN sent to you by GCash when you purchase a Cignal prepaid load.
  4. Complete the Captcha Code or click Generate New Image to get a new one.
  5. Double-check the details and click SUBMIT.
  6. If your Prepaid Account Number and PIN are valid, a confirmation will appear on your screen indicating your Cignal account will receive the load shortly.


How do I know my Cignal account number?

To buy a prepaid load, you need your Cignal account number, which you can see in your Cignal Statement of Account (SOA). But if you can’t find your Cignal SOA, you can pull the Smart Card from the STB and look at the back of the card to get your Cignal account number. Another option for Smart/TNT and Sun subscribers is to text CIGNAL<space>SC<space>(12-digit Smart card number) and send it to 5353. Note that you’ll need a regular load for this transaction.

Is there a fee to load Cignal using GCash?

No, GCash doesn’t charge a service fee if you purchase a Cignal load in-app. The amount you only need to pay is on your chosen prepaid load promo.

How to check Cignal load expiration?

Just text CIGNAL<space>EXP to 5353 to check the expiry date of your Cignal load promo. Also, it’s only applicable to Smart/TNT and Sun subscribers, and a fee applies per transaction.


Cignal TV offers you entertainment that you can customize to your preference and budget. Whether it’s for personal or business use, Cignal TV got you covered. Furthermore, if you’re a GCash user, being a Cignal TV subscriber is a lot easier as you can reload your account at your convenience.