What is GCash Jr?

Are you wondering how to teach your kids to be financially literate at an early age? Or you’re looking for ways to teach them how to independent? If you answered yes to both questions, then GCash Jr is the perfect tool for your kids. But what is GCash Jr, and how does it differ from regular GCash accounts?

Read on to learn what GCash Jr is and why it’s the perfect tool to teach kids to be independent and financially responsible!

What is GCash Jr?

Launched on August 2022, GCash Jr is the newest e-wallet designed for minors between 7 to 17 years of age. Under this e-wallet, youngsters can now enjoy reliable and safe digital financial services and exciting offers, from fandom merch, gaming discounts, and vouchers to premium access to music and shows.

GCash Jr also features a user-friendly and trendy interface perfect for Filipino youth! In addition, GCash Jr follows the stringent KYC (Know your customer) procedure, the same as regular GCash accounts, ensuring safe and secure financial transactions online.

This e-wallet is also ideal for aspiring gamers, allowing them to conveniently purchase gaming credits and skins. Whether it’s food deals, shopping, or the latest trends, GCash Jr will deliver. So if you want to teach your kids how to handle their finances and help them pursue their passion, get GCash Jr now!

How can I get a GCash Jr account?

Considering that GCash Jr applies the KYC procedure, minors should submit valid identification documents to get a GCash Jr account. It also involves additional verification to confirm the minor’s identity.


To get a GCash Jr account, secure the following requirements below:

  1. Valid and original ID such as:
  • Student ID
  • National ID
  • Passport (data page)
  1. Provide the following details of a parent with a fully verified GCash account:
  • Parent’s Full Name
  • Fully Verified GCash Number
  • Selfie of your parent holding the same ID you submitted for verification
  1. Original copy of your Birth Certificate

But note that Student ID may not be available on the options when creating a GCash account. Instead, you may need to update the GCash app or Submit a Ticket if you’re having problems with the application.

Verification Process

Meanwhile, minors should undergo a separate verification process to get the parents’ consent that their kid is creating a GCash Jr account. The parent consent is collected through requirements. Moreover, the parent should be the one to agree on the terms and conditions to verify their kid’s GCash Jr account.

What services can minors use on GCash Jr?

Minors who created a GCash Jr account can access services, including Buy Load, Pay QR, Online Payments, and Pay Bills. Once the GCash Jr account is fully verified, minors can access more digital financial services, including:

  • Send Money
  • Bank Transfer
  • Online Bank Cash-in
  • International Remittance

On the other hand, minors cannot access the following services even with a fully verified GCash Jr account:

What are the limits for GCash Jr?

Similar to regular GCash accounts, minors with verified GCash Jr accounts also have the following limits:

  • Wallet Size- P50,000
  • Monthly Incoming Limit- P10,000
  • Monthly Outgoing Limit- P10,000
  • Yearly Outgoing Limit- P100,000

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