Where is SOC 4 in Shopee?

Shopping online from e-commerce like Shopee offers convenience, from accessing necessities to goods you can use for personal or business purposes. But what if your orders are stuck at SOC 4? If you’re wondering what and where SOC 4 in Shopee is, you’ve landed on the right spot.

Read on as we answer the query “where is SOC 4 in Shopee” and some tips to prevent this facility from handling your orders!

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What is SOC 4 in Shopee?

SOC 4 means Shopee Xpress Sorting Center 4. It is a facility where packages are kept before sending them for delivery. If you try to check the shipping progress of your orders through the Shopee app, you’ll often read that your Parcel has arrived at the station: SOC 4.

What is the purpose of SOC 4 in Shopee?

If you’ve placed a couple of orders from Shopee but it’s way overdue the estimated delivery date, your parcels are most likely stuck in SOC 4. If this is the case, canceling your order and placing another product is the best solution. But what is SOC 4 in Shopee, and why do orders get stuck in this facility?

SOC 4 serves as a logistics distribution center due to the thousands of orders Shopee receives daily. This facility is where various goods are sent and shipped to consumers, from retail to wholesale. In short, SOC 4 is a facility where your orders are kept and sorted based on their route, ensuring efficient delivery.

That’s why orders are often stuck in SOC 4 and often delayed. Packages that go the same route are sorted together to speed up the delivery for near and far locations. But note that some users state that Shopee no longer allows the cancellation of orders stuck in the sorting hub. So prevent your orders from being sent to SOC 4.

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Where is SOC 4 in Shopee?

If your parcels have been stuck in the sorting hub, you may be asking where SOC 4 is located. According to a YouTube user, the SOC 4 in Shopee is located at Northpoint, Industrial Park (CM Pancho), Plaridel, Bulacan.

The commenter states that there was hiring for Shopee sorters in the said sorting hub, and orders are currently delayed due to understaffing. Meanwhile, a Reddit user states that the SOC 4 in Shopee is at Balagtas, Bulacan, as per the delivery rider. So the exact location of SOC 4 in Shopee is still unknown since it’s also not appearing on Google maps.

Can I prevent my parcels from going to SOC 4?

Yes, you can prevent your parcels from being sent to SOC 4. If you’re ordering a package you urgently need, it is better to confirm with the Shopee seller if it will pass SOC 4 before ordering. Another way to avoid SOC 4 is to choose other shipping options instead of Shopee Xpress.

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Who are Shopee logistics partners?

To avoid having problems of having stuck parcels in SOC 4, you can choose from the following Shopee Supported Logistic partners for local delivery:

  • Flash Express
  • Gogo Xpress
  • J&T Express
  • Ninja Van
  • Standard Delivery or Shopee Xpress
  • XDE

Also, you can choose 2Go and Entrego if you’re ordering from overseas stores.


In summary, issues with SOC 4 can be avoided by choosing a different shipping option. You can also check with sellers to ensure your orders arrive on time. So while delayed parcels are often the issue with SOC 4, you can still enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with Shopee!