How To Activate SPayLater in Shopee

Online shopping has become more convenient in today’s generation as many e-commerce platforms booms, such as Shopee. It offers access to varying products, from daily needs and fashion to the quirkiest finds. And if you’re an avid Shopee user, the app provides the SPayLater service, allowing purchase products and pay later. So if you’re wondering how to activate SPayLater in Shopee, keep reading. 

What is SPayLater in Shopee?

SPayLater is a beneficial payment service, allowing users to combine the total amount of their monthly purchases in Shopee and pay all of it at once at the end of the month. In addition, selected users can pay their combined outstanding purchase for 2-months, 3-months, or 6-months with an additional processing fee of 1.25% of the total amount. In short, SPayLater is another payment method that buyers can choose, which will benefit sellers. With the SPayLater, sellers will receive the total amount of the buyer’s purchase based on Shopee’s terms of service without additional operational charges. So SPayLater will benefit both the sellers and buyers. However, eligible and selected sellers can only use the SPayLater service.

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How does SPayLater work?

According to Shopee, an individual is qualified to use SPayLater if they are 21 years old and above with a valid government ID. So if you’re eligible for SPayLater but cannot use it as a payment method, get assistance from Shopee Customer Service. Qualified users are also granted a spending limit depending on their spending behavior and payment history, indicated on the SPayLater page. While SPayLater doesn’t require a minimum order amount, the spending limit may change based on the user’s repayment behavior. Thus, paying your bills on time is necessary to prevent your spending limit from decreasing.

Like other loan services, SPayLater also charges users a processing fee of 0%-2% for every transaction and a monthly interest rate for items ranging from 1%-5%. A late payment fee of 2.5%-5% applies to the outstanding amount every month, so pay your dues on time to prevent other charges. The payment due date can also depend on the date of purchase and has two options, on the 5th or 15th of the month. You’ll receive a billing 10-days before the payment due date. But for users paying with a billing cycle, you must pay based on the original due date indicated on the SPayLater page.

How to activate SPayLater in Shopee?

Using the SPayLater is very easy, but you need to meet Shopee’s qualification criteria before activating the service and enjoying a convenient shopping experience. So if you’re a qualified user, follow the steps below on how to activate SPayLater in Shopee. 

  1. Launch the Shopee app.
  2. On the lower right of the dashboard, click Me.
  3. Then, click SPayLater under My Wallet.
  4. Click Activate Now.
  5. Wait for the SMS verification code sent to your registered mobile number.
  6. Enter the Verification Code and tap Continue.
  7. On the SPayLater activation page, upload a valid government ID.
  8. Fill out the Additional Information.
  9. Complete the Facial Verification.
  10. Agree to the Terms and Conditions, Fee Structure, and Privacy Policy. Then, click Next.
  11. Wait for around 24 hours to check if your SPayLater is activated and approved.
  12. A notification of your approved credit limit will appear in the app after the application.

Can I request a return/refund on products paid by SPayLater?

Yes, you can request a return and refund on products paid using SPayLater, but the following terms apply:

  • If requesting a refund and request for an order coming from only one seller, it applies to all the purchased items.
  • If requesting a refund and request for an order with items coming from different sellers, the refunded item applies to all the purchased items from the same seller.

What happens if you don’t pay SPayLater?

If any case, you were unable to pay your SPayLater bills on time, you will be charged with a late payment fee of 1.5% on the total unpaid overdue amount per month and have a suspended Shopee account. Also, if you often pay late your SPayLater bills, your Shopee account is restricted to using Shopee vouchers and accessing app functions.

Why can I not complete my SPayLater application, and Error 22 keeps appearing?

If you’re an Android phone user, Error 22 appears if you don’t have the Google Play services, so you cannot access the Facial Verification step to complete your SPayLater application. But if you have Google play on your mobile phone, perform the following:

  1. Update Google Play.
  2. Return to SPayLater application for Facial Verification.
  3. If still not working, wait for 10 minutes and check if your mobile phone has an internet connection.
  4. Restart your mobile phone.
  5. Repeat starting step 2.