How to Pay Home Credit via GCash

If you’re planning to purchase a new smartphone or appliances like a fridge and Smart TV, but you can’t pay full in cash, Home Credit is the answer to your problems. With Home Credit, you can now buy appliances and electronic gadgets and pay later via GCash.

So if you’re wondering how to pay Home Credit via GCash, keep reading.

What is Home Credit?

Home Credit is one of the leading companies offering financial services by funding customers’ purchased items, especially those who cannot pay the total amount. This company provides a Buy Now Pay Later payment method, wherein the customers can pay through installment plans by paying a fixed monthly fee to cover the cost of total purchases.

Furthermore, Home Credit also boasts 0% interest promos for certain products and now offers cash loans. On the other hand, Home Credit is for customers with a source of income and good credit history. 

How to pay Home Credit via GCash?

If you already purchased an item using Home Credit and you’re about to settle your monthly due, you can now pay your bills on time with GCash. To do so, follow the steps below on how to pay Home Credit via GCash:

  1. Launch the GCash app and log in.
  2. On the dashboard, click Bills.
  3. Click View All, and scroll down until you see Home Credit or search the biller name. 
  4. Enter the amount to pay, Contract Number, Mobile Number, Email (optional), and click Next.
  5. Double-check the payment details and click Confirm to pay Home Credit via GCash.

Also, GCash offers the GInsure Bill Protect that you can access for a minimal fee, which provides you 36 months of coverage of AD&D Insurance.


Can I use GCredit to pay Home Credit?

As of writing, you can only use GCash balance to pay Home Credit since GCredit is not available on the payment options. But if Gcash does, expect a low interest when using GCredit.

Is paying Home Credit via GCash real-time?

No, it isn’t real-time since the posting period is within 24 hours. So if your transaction is past 24 hours, but the payment didn’t reflect on your Home Credit account, contact GCash or Home Credit customer service. 

How much is the transaction fee for GCash to Home Credit?

The transaction fee for using GCash to pay Home Credit is P15. So ensure that your GCash wallet has sufficient funds to complete the transaction. 

What products can I purchase with Home Credit?

Apart from appliances and mobile phones, there are varying products you can purchase with Home Credit, including computers, scooters, furniture, sports equipment, musical devices, and other electronic gadgets. You can also purchase other items, as long as the store you’re shopping at offers Home Credit. 

How many products can I purchase with Home Credit at the same time?

The number of products you can purchase with Home Credit at one shopping is only up to three items, given that they’re not in the same categories. For instance, Home Credit won’t allow customers to purchase three mobile phones. Instead, you can buy a TV, laptop, and mobile phone. On the contrary, the items you’re purchasing are still subject to Home Credit’s approval, so paying on time and building a good credit record allows you to access more loans continuously. 

What are the installment plans for Home Credit?

The good thing with Home Credit is the flexible installment plans they’re offering. If you’re purchasing a new phone, you can pay your loan for 6, 9, or even 12 months. For big purchases, you also have the option to pay for up to 15 or 18 months. 


In summary, paying Home Credit via GCash is very accessible as you don’t need to head out to pay your bills, saving you from the stress of traveling and queuing. So if you’ve upcoming dues, follow this guide to pay Home Credit via GCash.