How to Pay Converge Using GCash

Gone are the days when you should travel to the bank to pay your bills as you can now settle your bill payments through your mobile phone. From electricity to your Converge internet, paying your bills online is made possible by GCash. But how do you pay Converge using GCash? 

Keep reading as we share how to pay Converge using GCash and settle bills at your convenience!

How to Pay Converge Using GCash

If you wish to settle your internet bill right at your fingertips, follow the steps below on how to pay Converge using GCash:

  1. Log in to GCash.

First, launch the GCash app on your mobile device. Enter your 4-digit MPIN to log in to your account. Also, ensure you have enough funds for the payment before proceeding to the next step.

  1. Click Pay Bills.

After logging in, click the Pay Bills option on the main dashboard.

  1. Select Cable/Internet.

Select Cable/Internet under the Biller Categories.

  1. Choose Converge ICT.

Next, a screen will appear containing a list of cable/internet providers payable via GCash. Select Converge ICT or enter it in the search section.

  1. Fill out the required details.

Input the following required details:

  • Account Number (13-Digit)
  • Account Name
  • Amount of the bill to pay

While it’s not mandatory, you can also provide your email address. Additionally, don’t forget to double-check the transaction details of your payment before clicking Next.

  1. Confirm the transaction.

On the Confirmation page, ensure to double-check the transaction details again. Then, click Confirm to complete the transaction.

  1. Copy the reference number.

Afterward, you will see an electronic receipt containing your transaction details and reference number. Copy or write down the reference number as proof of payment. You can also take a screenshot or save the e-receipt to your mobile device.

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What other Cable/Internet can I pay using GCash

If you have other subscriptions aside from Converge, here is the list of cable/internet providers you can pay through GCash:

  • Angeles Cable
  • Cablelink
  • Cable Television
  • Central Luzon Cable
  • Cignal
  • Comclark
  • Converge ICT
  • DCTV Cable
  • Eagle Vision Inc.
  • EasyTV
  • Excel Cable Network
  • FIL Products Incorporated
  • GNet
  • Galaxy Cable Corporation
  • General Trias Cable Network Inc.
  • Globe at Home
  • Golden Eagle Cable
  • GSAT
  • Hi-Tech Cable
  • Integranet Network Services
  • JMD Cable Network
  • Now Corp
  • Pilipino Cable
  • Primecast Cable
  • Royal Cable
  • San Clemente Cable
  • Shama Broadband & CATV
  • SkyCable
  • Sky Broadband
  • SKYdirect Postpaid
  • Smart Bro
  • South Luzon CATV
  • Tagaytay Broadband and CATV
  • Trend Cable Network
  • E-Prime Business Solutions, Inc. (Cable/Internet)


Can I pay Converge using Gcash after the due date?

Yes, you can! Paying your overdue bills using GCash is still accepted, excluding Meralco and other selected billers.

How do I pay a bill in Converge ICT?

To pay your bill in Converge ICT, visit this link and login into your Converge account.

How do I check if my payment on Converge is successful?

You may visit this link to verify if your payment was successful. Then, enter the reference number or the email address you registered with Converge. But remember, different payment channels have varying payment postings. So check the processing time when verifying bill payments transaction.


With GCash continuous offering of digital financial services, paying bills and even shopping online has become less troublesome. Furthermore, it allows many platforms to grow and convenient transactions for everyone. So if you’re having problems paying your Converge internet bill, download and use GCash now!