How To Pay PLDT Bill using GCash

Paying bills is one of the most hassling things everyone has to manage, from traveling to payment centers to queuing for your turn. So if you’re a PLDT subscriber looking for the most convenient way to pay your bill, you’ve landed in the right spot. In this article, we’ve created a simple guide on how to pay the PLDT bill using GCash, so keep reading.

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Whether you’re paying an electric or a PLDT internet bill, you have to pay ahead of the due date or before the disconnection comes. If you happen not to pay on time, you have to go through the trouble of calling PLDT to reconnect your phone line or internet. And since we know how frustrating that is, paying your PLDT bill via GCash is the best solution. You can pay your bill right at your fingertips without the need to go outside, saving you time and money.

If it’s your first time using GCash, download it on your smartphone and create an account. You can link your other online bank account or e-wallet, making it easier to add money. In addition, you can also top up your GCash account at remittance centers or 711 stores nationwide, so there’s no worry of running out of funds. But before you pay your PLDT bill using GCash or cashing in, make sure that your account is verified to use the features the app offers. 

How To Pay PLDT Bill using GCash

Once you’ve set up and verified your GCash account, follow the steps below on how to pay the PLDT bill using GCash. Also, note down your PLDT account number and telephone number before you proceed with paying.

  1. Launch the GCash app

Launch the GCash app and log in to your account. Ensure that your account is verified and have funds before proceeding with the transaction.

  1. Choose PLDT as the biller

On the dashboard menu, click Pay Bills.

Choose Telecoms on the biller categories.

You can also add PLDT on My Saved Billers. Click Add a biller and search PLDT.

  1. Input payment details

Next, enter the following payment details:

  • 10-digit PLDT Account Number (Listed on the billing statement)
  • Area Code starting with 0 and Telephone Number
  • Select the Service if PLDT Landline of PLDT DSL. Choose PLDT Landline if you subscribe to PLDT Home Fibr.
  • Enter the billing amount. Ensure that your GCash balance is sufficient to pay the bill and the additional transaction fee of Php7.
  • Provide an active email address since this is where you’ll receive the payment confirmation for your transaction.
  • Review the payment details and click Next.
  1. Choose the payment method

Choose GCash or GCredit on the payment method, and click Next.

If you only have GCash, GCredit won’t be available on the payment method.

  1. Confirm payment

Lastly, double-check your payment details, especially your PLDT account number.

After ensuring everything is correct, click Confirm. Wait for the payment confirmation sent to the email you provided, and you will also receive a text message from the GCash mobile number you use to complete the transaction. Furthermore, your payment will be posted in 24 hours, so wait for it to reflect. If you made the payment past 8:00 pm, your transaction is processed the following day. Also, to ensure that your payment is posted, download the myPLDT Smart app on your smartphone or sign up for an account at the PLDT website