How To Register GIGASURF 50

Another budget-friendly offering from TNT, the GIGASURF 50 or now called GIGA VIDEO 50, is a great promo package loaded with exciting features. This promo package is perfect for TNT subscribers with varying activities, from browsing the web and social media sites to playing online games and video streaming on YouTube.

But how do you register on GIGASURF 50/GIGA VIDEO 50? Keep reading as we share how to register GIGASURF 50/GIGA VIDEO 50 and its features!


Designed for TNT subscribers on a tight budget, GIGASURF 50/GIGA VIDEO 50 is one of the best promo packages that includes almost everything you need. If you’re looking for a cheap promo you can use for school, work, business, or entertainment, GIGASURF 50/GIGA VIDEO 50 got you covered with its 1 GB open access data.

So you can browse the web or access social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. With GIGASURF 50/GIGA VIDEO 50, you will also get 1 GB of allocated data per day in 3 days for video apps, including YouTube, Cignal, NBA League Pass, iFlix, and iWanTV.

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But if you’re not into social media and browsing, you can also use your 1 GB open access data to play your favorite mobile games, such as Mobile Legends, AoV, COC, ROS, and more!

So even if you’re on a low budget, you can connect to the web and enjoy streaming your favorite videos anytime and anywhere. For 3-days, you will get a combined 4 GB of data by subscribing to GIGASURF 50/GIGA VIDEO 50. 

This promo also got even better as it comes with unlimited texts to all networks, allowing you to connect with your friends and family who are Smart, Sun, TM, and Globe subscribers. And most of all, GIGASURF 50/GIGA VIDEO 50 only costs P50 for 3-days. So your P50 goes a long way with this promo!

How To Register GIGASURF 50

Before you follow the steps below on how to register GIGASURF 50/GIGA VIDEO 50, ensure you have enough load balance to subscribe. Then, pick any of the following steps you find easy:

Register GIGASURF 50 Via Keyword

  1. Using your TNT mobile device, go to the Message app and enter the keyword GIGA50 or GIGA 50.
  2. Next, send the text to 4545.
  3. Then, wait for an SMS confirmation from TNT confirming that your registration to GIGA50 or GIGA 50 was successful.

Register GIGASURF 50 Via *123#

If you haven’t had any luck subscribing via keyword, another way to register to GIGASURF 50/GIGA VIDEO 50 is to call the USSD code. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *123# on your TNT mobile device.
  2. On the menu, select GIGA VIDEO and subscribe.
  3. Then, wait for an SMS confirmation from TNT confirming that your registration to GIGA50 or GIGA 50 was successful.

Also, note that this promo is now called GIGA VIDEO 50 and was previously known as GIGASURF 50. So make sure to text the right keyword to prevent unwanted charges.

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How To Check Balance/Status of GIGASURF 50

If you’re having a hard time registering for this promo or wondering about the remaining data you can still use, you can check your load balance or promo status in two easy ways. You can text BAL to 214 or dial *123# to check your load balance. Afterward, wait for an SMS text from TNT containing your remaining load balance, mobile data, and promo expiry date.