10 Pesos Promos in TNT (Talk N Text)

If you’re wondering what Talk ‘N Text (TNT) promos you can enjoy for as low as 10 pesos, you’ve landed right in the spot. We will share the 10 pesos promos in TNT from unlimited call and text-to-data promos. In addition, we included the features and how to register for each promo, so keep on reading!

What are the TNT Promos for 10 Pesos?

As a Smart subsidiary, TNT provides its subscribers affordable promo packages with text, call, and mobile data access. And if you’re looking for budget-friendly promos or need to load up for an emergency, TNT now offers 10 pesos promos with 1 to 3 days validity depending on the inclusions.

With TNT, you can now enjoy unlimited texts to TNT, Smart, and Sun for only 10 pesos with 2-day validity. It’s super cheap for unlimited text promo, which only costs 5 pesos a day!

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If you have friends and family from other networks, don’t worry. TM also has a promo package with unlimited texts to TNT, Smart, and Sun and limited texts to all networks, allowing you to get in touch with everyone.

However, this type of promo is only valid for 1-day, but you’ll get additional 10 minutes call to TNT, Smart, and Sun. So it’s still an affordable promo considering the inclusions!

Aside from call and text promo packages, TNT offers limited data access to Facebook, Twitter, or Viber and only costs 10 pesos with 1-day validity. This type of promo also includes unlimited text and limited calls to TNT, Smart, and Sun and has limited text to all networks. 

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TNT also offers unlimited text to all networks promo and 1-day unlimited calls promo to TNT, Smart, and Sun with Facebook messenger access. But if you need more mobile data access, TNT also got your back!

You can also get open-access mobile data and allotted data for Facebook, Mobile Legends, and YouTube in TNT. So with the 10 pesos promos in TNT, you can find the perfect promo package that meets your needs at an affordable price!


  • Unli text to Smart, TNT, Sun
  • P10, valid for 2 days
  • Text UT10 to 4545


  • Unli text to Smart, TNT, Sun
  • 50 text to all networks
  • 50 minutes call to Smart, TNT, Sun
  • P10, valid for1 days
  • Text TP10 to 3545


  • Unli text to all networks
  • P10, valid for 1 day
  • Text GT10 to 4545


  • Unli texts to all networks
  • P10, valid for 2 days
  • Text UA10 to 4545


  • Unli calls to TNT/Smart/Sun
  • 50 texts to all networks
  • FB messenger
  • P10, valid for 1 day
  • Text ST10 to 4505


  • 15MB mobile data
  • P5, valif for 1 day
  • Text GAANSURF5 to 4545


  • 100MB mobile data
  • P10, valid for 1 day
  • Text ALLDAY10 to 5555


  • 50MB mobile data
  • 100MB for YT, Mobile Legends, Facebook
  • P10, valid for 1 day
  • To GAANSURF10 to 4545


  • 100MB per day YouTube
  • P10, valid for 3 days
  • Text YOUTUBE10 to 4545


  • 1 GB data to play Mobile Legends
  • Data is valid for 3 days
  • Access to Mobile Legends app for 3 days
  • Requires only Php10 Load
  • Text ML10 to 4545

How to register on 10 Pesos Promos in TNT?

To register on your favorite TNT promos, you need to know the registration code of your chosen promo and text the code to 4545. For example, if you want to register on TNT UNLI TEXT 10, text UT10 to 4545. Then, wait for an SMS confirmation indicating successful registration.

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Another option is to dial *123#. Select the TNT promo you want to and register. If you’re unsure, you can also check the inclusions on the promo before you register. The same goes if you want to check your TNT balance. Just dial *123#, select Balance/Services, and Balance.


Whether you’re thrifty or looking for a cheap load promo that you can use whenever you want, the 10 pesos promos in TNT will not disappoint. From unlimited text and calls to promo packages with text, call, and mobile data, TNT got everything in store for you!

Nonetheless, note that the promos in this list may be unavailable if the promo has ended or has changed with a different registration code. So we advise that you check first if the promo is still available. Also, ensure that you have registered successfully on the promo before you make a call, text, or use your mobile data to avoid unnecessary charges.

For more details on the latest 10 pesos promos in TNT, dial *123# and find the promo package that meets your usage.

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