TM Promos for 7 Days and 1 Month

Known for its affordable yet exciting promos, TM Tambayan is one of the best networks for thrifty ones and subscribers on a budget. From TM unlimited call and text promos to mobile data access, name it, and TM has it!

But what are the TM promos for 7-days and 1 month you can enjoy? Keep reading as we share the available TM promos for 7-days and 1 month to find what fits your budget and usage!

What are TM Promos for 7 Days and 1 Month?

If you’re looking for the cheapest promos, TM got you covered. Whether you need to get in touch with your family and friends or for business, TM has varying promos that will meet your budget.

What’s more? TM now offers promos valid for 7-days and up to 1 month. So you can enjoy their services longer! In addition, if you’re always on the go or need an affordable internet connection, TM now offers sharable mobile data (SURF4ALL) valid for 7-days.

This promo is ideal for travelers or students since the mobile data is sharable for up to 4 devices anytime! For more TM promos for 7-days and 1 month, here are more offerings from TM Tambayan: 


Valid up to 1 month, TM EasyPLAN is the best promo that connects you with your social circle. This promo is ideal if you have friends and families from varying networks, as it includes unlimited text to all networks.

You can also enjoy unlimited calls to TM and Globe subscribers with EasyPLAN. This TM promo also includes mobile data to access Facebook, Instagram, and Viber!


  • Unli text to all networks
  • Unli calls to TM/Globe
  • 1.5 GB each for IG, FB, Viber
  • 15 days, P150
  • Text TMEP150 to 8080


  • Unli text to all networks
  • Unli calls to TM/Globe
  • 3 GB each for IG, FB, Viber
  • 30 days, P300
  • Text TMEP300 to 8080


EasySURF is the perfect TM promo for those who spend more time browsing the internet, using social media platforms, or gaming. It consists of promos with all-access data and allocated data for the app bundle with 7-days and 1-month validity.

Moreover, EasySURF ensures you can connect with anyone as it offers unlimited all-net texts. It is also ideal for occasional browsers looking for a budget-friendly mobile data promo that costs as low as P70 for 7-days and P300 for 1 month.


  • 2 GB mobile data + 1 GB chosen app
  • Text EASYSURF299 to 8080
  • 30 days, P299


  • 4 GB mobile data + 1 GB chosen app
  • Text EASYSURF599 to 8080
  • 30 days, P599


  • 8 GB mobile data + 1 GB chosen app
  • Text EASYSURF999 to 8080
  • 30 days, P999


  • 15 GB mobile data + 1GB chosen app
  • Text EASYSURF1299 to 8080
  • 30 days, P1299


You can also access your Facebook account and browse your newsfeed with TM promos. For as low as P50, you can enjoy Facebook for 7-days and P199 for 1 month!

This promo is perfect for avid Facebook users, allowing you to connect to the world with a low budget. Also, you can use this promo via the Facebook app or log in to your Facebook account through your mobile browser.


  • 600MB data Facebook access
  • Text FACEBOOK50 to 8080
  • 7 days, P50


  • 1GB data Facebook access
  • Text FB199 to 8080
  • 30 days, 199


Aside from connecting you to your loved ones and the world, TM also offers game promos that are valid for 7-days and 1 month. So if you’re a gamer or playing mobile games is your pastime, TM game promos are for you!

Under this promo, you can enjoy your favorite mobile games, including Mobile Legends (ML), Clash of Clans (COC), Clash Royale, Pokemon Go, Arena of Valor, Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings, Lineage Revolution, Marvel: Future Fight, Summoner War, and Vain Glory.


  • 300MB data for mobile games
  • Text GAMES50 to 8080
  • 7 days, P50


  • 300MB data for mobile games
  • Text GAMES99 to 8080
  • 30 days, P99


TM promos for 7-days and 1 month are affordable but loaded with great features. And no matter what budget, you can find a suitable TM promo that will match your usage. So load up now and enjoy TM promos for 7-days and 1 month!