Smart Promos 10 Pesos – Call, Text, & Data

Are you a Smart subscriber and looking for budget-friendly promos? If yes, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will share with you the list of Smart promos for 10 pesos. We also added the promo features and the registration codes to enjoy Smart offerings with a budget. So let’s get started!

What types of Promos Smart offers for 10 Pesos?

Smart offers a very cheap text promo with unlimited text for only 10 pesos. But as of writing, Smart doesn’t offer a promo with unlimited calls and texts under that price.

For those who like to play Mobile Legends or looking for a cheap promo to use Facebook, sad to say, but Smart doesn’t have a promo for this type of usage that only costs 10 pesos.

On the other hand, the Smart subsidiary Talk ‘N Text (TNT) offers Facebook (FB10) and Mobile Legends (ML10) promos for only 10 pesos.

If you want to make the most out of your 10 pesos, you can register to ALL TEXT 10 and SUPER 10. It’s a combo promo that includes unlimited text to Smart, TNT, and Sun and access to messaging apps, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.

Aside from unlimited text, Smart offers a mobile internet promo for only 10 pesos (Big Bytes 10) with free use of Spinnr for music streaming. Smart also has a promo (Always On 10) with 10MB of mobile data with access to Spinnr, ideal for quick surfing.

If you’re one of those who love to watch on YouTube, Smart got your back when it comes to entertainment. With the Video TimeOut 10, you can enjoy unlimited video streaming on YouTube for 1 hour. So if you missed watching your favorite TV shows, load up and watch on YouTube!

While Smart Promos for 10 pesos are few and have limited mobile data options, it’s still cheap and worth it for its price and inclusion. Whether you need a promo for everyday texting or occasional YouTube streaming, Smart Promos for 10 pesos will not disappoint.

How to register on Smart Promos for 10 Pesos?

To register, check the registration code of your chosen Smart promo and text it to 9999. For example, if you want to subscribe to All Text 10, text AT10 to 9999. Then, you will receive an SMS text from Smart confirming successful registration on your preferred promo. Here are the list of Smart Promos for 10 pesos.


  • Unli text to Smart, TNT, Sun
  • Free Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, WeChat, Line
  • Text SUPER10 to 9999, valid for 1 day


  • 10 MB mobile data
  • Free access to Spinnr
  • Text ON10 to 9999, valid for 1 day


  • 40 MB mobile data
  • 200 MB for Spinnr
  • Text BIG10 to 2200, valid for 1 day


  • 15 MB mobile data
  • Text BIG5 to 2200, valid for 1 day


  • 1 hour of unlimited YouTube and Smart 360
  • Text VIDEO10 to 9999, valid for 1 hour


  • 65 MB YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dubsmash
  • Text YOUTUBE5 to 9999


  • Unli text to all networks
  • 100 access to Facebook
  • Unli access to viber
  • Text AT10 to 9999

Reminders on Registration

Similar to other offers, Smart Promos for 10 pesos may not be available in certain circumstances, such as the promo ending or changing the promo name. So before you register on your preferred promo, it is ideal checking with Smart if the promo still exists.

You can also send the registration code to 9999 to check if it’s still available. If unavailable, you’ll receive an SMS notification from Smart. In addition, we also suggest checking whether or not you have successfully registered on the promo before texting, calling, or turning your mobile data on to avoid unnecessary charges.

If you don’t receive an SMS confirmation regarding your registration, check your Smart balance by dialing *123# using your phone with a Smart sim. For the latest promotions, we advise you to contact Smart or check their social media pages for more details.