How To Register GIGASURF 99

Looking for a bigger and better TNT data promo? Then, the GIGASURF 99 or now called GIGA VIDEO 99, is the perfect promo for you. From accessing your favorite social media sites and regular browsing to watching YouTube videos and playing mobile games, GIGASURF 99/GIGA VIDEO 99 will deliver.

And if you’re eager to try this cheap data promo out, read on as we share how to register to GIGASURF 99/GIGA VIDEO 99 and its features to get your money’s worth!

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Whether you’re into affordable TNT promos or looking for promo packages jam-packed with loads of features, GIGASURF 99 or now renamed GIGA VIDEO 99, got everything you need. This promo includes 2 GB of all-access data, so downloading files and regular browsing shouldn’t be a problem.

You can also access Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, keeping you connected and updated anywhere you go. What’s more? GIGASSURF 99/GIGA VIDEO 99 comes with 1 GB of allocated data per day for YouTube, Cignal, NBA League Pass, iFlix, and iWanTV, allowing you to enjoy hours of entertainment right on your mobile phones.

But if you aren’t convinced yet, GIGASSURF 99/GIGA VIDEO 99 also offers unlimited texts to all networks. So connecting with your friends and loved ones from other networks, including Smart, Sun, TM, and Globe, is possible. This promo is also ideal for personal and business purposes, considering that it only costs P99 for 7-days!

How To Register GIGASURF 99

Now let’s dive into how to register GIGASURF 99 or TNT GIGA VIDEO 99. First, ensure a sufficient load balance to subscribe to this promo. Then, choose any of the steps below that you find convenient:

Register GIGASURF 99 Via Keyword

  1. Using your TNT mobile device, go to the Message app and enter the keyword GIGA99 or GIGA 99.
  2. Next, send the text to 4545.
  3. Then, wait for an SMS confirmation from TNT confirming that your registration to GIGA99 or GIGA 99 was successful.

Register GIGASURF 99 Via *123#

Another easy way to register for GIGASURF 99/GIGA VIDEO 99 is through the USSD code. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *123# on your TNT mobile device.
  2. On the menu, select GIGA VIDEO and subscribe.
  3. Then, wait for an SMS confirmation from TNT confirming that your registration to GIGA99 or GIGA 99 was successful.

Note that this promo package is previously called GIGASURF 99. But it is now called GIGA VIDEO 99. So don’t get confused and text the right keyword to avoid unnecessary charges.

How To Check Balance/Status of GIGASURF 99

If you’re wondering how much data you have left or when your promo will expire, you can do so by checking your load balance. It’s also applicable if you registered to GIGASUF 99/GIGA VIDEO 99 and haven’t received any confirmation of successful registration.

You should also check your load balance to ensure you’re registered successfully to the promo before turning your mobile data on or texting anyone to prevent unwanted charges.

Text BAL to 214 using your TNT mobile phone to know the load balance or GIGASURF99/ GIGA VIDEO 99 promo status. You can also dial *123# to check your balance and promo status. Then, wait for an SMS text from TNT indicating your remaining load balance, mobile data, and promo expiry date.