How To Register To TNT FB10

If you’re one of those whose life revolves around Facebook, you can now enjoy Facebook at a reasonable price with varying Talk ‘N Text (TNT) mobile data promos, such as TNT FB10. This promo is ideal for Facebook users, whether for business, entertainment, or communication purposes.

With TNT FB10, you can access Facebook and Messenger for only P10 for 3-days! And if you want to know more about this very cheap mobile data promo, read on as we share how to register to TNT FB10.

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TNT FB10 Features

As stated, TNT FACEBOOK10 (FB10) gives you 3-days of Facebook access for only P10. It includes 1GB of allocated mobile data for Facebook and Messenger, so your P10 goes a long way with this promo. 

Moreover, this promo is available on Facebook apps (Android and iOS), Facebook Lite, Facebook on the mobile browser, and Facebook Messenger. But to avoid unnecessary charges, download the said apps via WiFi or other data promos before registering to TNT FB10.

How To Register to TNT FB10

Now let’s discuss how to register to TNT FB10. For new TNT subscribers, you should know that there are three ways to subscribe to TNT FB10. To do so, follow the steps below:

Register To TNT FB10 Via Keyword

  1. Using your TNT mobile device, go to the Message app and enter the keyword FB10.
  2. Next, send the text to 4545.
  3. Then, wait for an SMS confirmation from TM indicating successful registration to FB10.

Register To TNT FB10 Via *123#

On the other hand, if the keyword isn’t working, follow these steps to register to TNT FB10:

  1. Dial *123# on your TNT mobile device.
  2. On the menu, select Other Offers > NEW FB > 10 > Subscribe.
  3. Then, wait for an SMS confirmation from TM indicating successful registration to FB10.

Register To TNT FB10 Via TNT Retailer

The last option to register to TNT FB10 without texting any keyword or calling *123# is to buy an FB10 load from a TNT retailer. The TNT load retailer only needs to text FB10 and your 11-digit mobile number to 4577. (Ex. FB10 09071234567 to 4577)

Also, ensure you have a load balance of at least P10 when subscribing to TNT FB10 and confirm your registration before turning on your mobile data to avoid unnecessary charges.

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How To Check Balance/Status of TNT FB10

If you already subscribe to TNT FB10 but haven’t received an SMS confirmation regarding your registration, check your load balance to confirm if you’ve successfully registered for the promo. 

In addition, checking your load balance allows you to see the status of your FB10 and the remaining MBs you can still use. To check the balance/status of TNT FB10, text BAL to 214 to know when your subscription will expire and the remaining mobile data you got.

Another way to check the balance/status of TNT FB10 is to dial *123# and choose Balance/Services > Check Balance. Then, you will receive an SMS text from TMT indicating your load balance, remaining mobile data, and promo expiry date.


To sum up, the TNT FB10 is one of the cheapest promos that give 3-days of access to Facebook. And with this mobile data promo, you can enjoy Facebook for as low as P100 for 30 days. So register now to TNT FB10 to get the most out of your P10!