Globe Supersurf 999: Unli Internet for 30 Days

There is no denying that Filipinos love to surf the internet. Being at the 12th position as the country whose population uses the internet the most, it speaks volumes as to the number of Pinoys who are engaged on the internet daily.

While household play a major part in the statistics, it is also partly comprised of mobile users who have an easy accessible to a smart device at the palm of their hands. This is further promoted by the fact that mobile internet nowadays offers almost lighting speed, thanks to 4G.

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For GLOBE users who are seeking an unlimited internet for their mobile device, no offer probably comes as great as the SUPERSURF999 that grants mobile users an unlimited access to the internet, all in the span of 30 days.

As the description implies, the SUPERSURF999 does indeed grant its subscribers a virtually unlimited data that they are at liberty to use within 30 days from the date of registration. The experience per user will be varied depending on location and coverage of GLOBE’s network service—but those who manage to tap on the network’s LTE speed are at a greater advantage given the fast internet speed they can get.

How to Register GLOBE SUPERSURF 999

Choosing to become a subscriber of GLOBE’s SUPERSURF999 does not have to be a complicated feat. To register, one has to simply secure the right amount of balance in their prepaid SIM, that is, no less than P999, and then proceeding to text “SUPERSURF999” (without quotations) to “8080” (also, without quotations).

Alternatively, one can also choose to avail of the same promo via the USSD Menu by dialing “*143#” (sans the quotations), choosing “5. Surfing,” “5. SuperSurf,” and selecting the right promo (SUPERSURF999).

If already registered, you can opt to check your existing balance by texting “SUPERSURF STATUS” to “8080”.

Meanwhile, if you are keen in terminating your existing SUPERSURF subscription, you may do so by texting “SUPERSURF STOP” to “8080.”

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  • Unlimited access to the internet for 30 days from the date of registration