Globe Supersurf 200: 5 Days Unlimited Internet

Are you one of those casual internet surfers who only browses the worldwide web when you feel like it but is able to do so days at a time given the itch?

Why spend a “fortune” paying for an internet subscription which you will only use from time to time when you can avail of a service on shorter burst— and therefore, of lower cost.

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GLOBE understands that some of its prepaid users are not as deeply connected to the internet and are only willing to do so at whim.

For that reason, GLOBE rolled out the SUPERSURF200 that, if availed, grants its subscribers an unlimited access to the internet in the span of 5 days. That’s P40 per day of unlimited internet browsing as well as access to applications that require an active internet connection.

That is not to mention that it’s significantly cheaper than having to stay at a nearby internet café, which charges users on a per hour basis. With the promo in mind, you can literally enjoy a tranquil internet browsing experience at the comforts of home or anywhere else quiet.

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How to Register GLOBE SUPERSURF 200

To avail of GLOBE’s SUPERSURF 200, one may do so in one of two ways – via SMS or via USSD Menu.

To register via SMS, the user must only type the code “SUPERSURF 200” (without quotations) and send it to “8080” (also, without quotations).

Alternatively, the user may also opt for the same promo via USSD Menu by dialing “*143#” (without the quotations), choosing “5. Surfing,” selecting “5. SuperSurf,” and finally opting for the proper promo package (SUPERSURF200).

Granted that the user has a sufficient amount of balance—that is, no less than P200 – the promo should kick in almost in an instant.

To check one’s subscription status, simply text “SUPERSURF STATUS” to “8080”.

Meanwhile, users may also choose to pre-terminate their subscription by texting “SUPERSURF STOP” to “8080”.


Unlimited access to the internet for 5 days from the date of registration