How To Register SMART SAKTO30

In the age of instant communication as aided by technology, there is no excuse for one to left out in any conversation, be it casual or far more meaningful. With SMART, especially rolling out a slew of promos that everyone can afford and avail, it only makes the idea of getting out of the loop to be less as likely.

If you are a consumer on a budget, SMART has dozens of promos currently ongoing that grants subscribers access to a network that facilitates communication with people remotely. Whether you like to do it traditionally via SMS, with a more modern method such as with social media like Facebook, or with instant messaging like Viber.

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One of those promos is the SAKTO30 that enables users the benefit of being able to send an unlimited amount of text messages across people on various networks and the chance to use Facebook and Viber without limits.

In addition, it also renders the user able to make a call to either SMART, Sun Cellular, or TNT users for a little less than 2 hours.

All of those benefits in a span of 3 days on the day of registration.

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How to Register SMART SAKTO 30

For only P30 of available prepaid credit, anyone can avail of the SMART SAKTO30 promo by choosing to manually register by sending the code “SAKTO30” (without quotations) to “9999” (also, without quotations).

If you are a retailer, you may choose to sell the promo to others via SMS with this format: SAKTO30 <space> Recipient’s 11-digit number, then send to 3648.

SMART SAKTO30 Inclusions

  • Unlimited All Net Texts (GLOBE, TM, SMART, TNT, and Sun Cellular)
  • 100mins Calls to Smart/TNT/Sun
  • Free FB and Viber
  • Valid for 3 days on the date of registration
  • Requires 30 Pesos Load

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