Palawan Express Tracking: Is It Really Possible?

Sending and receiving money through Palawan Express Pera Padala is quick and simple, with only a few easy steps to follow when transacting. But sometimes, you may encounter some problems with tracking your remittance due to unforeseen circumstances. For the sender, you may need to know if your recipient has received the sent amount, or for the recipient, you may need to know more details about the transaction to claim the remittance.

Because Palawan Express does not have an online tracking system on their website, you will have to physically inquire about the transaction with an official personnel at a Palawan Express branch. However, some third-party websites are claiming to be able to track your Palawan Express Pera Padala transactions. The question is, are they actually reliable?

In this article, we’ll see whether it is actually possible to track your Palawan Express remittance online via third-party websites. Additionally, we’ll take a look at some reasons why you’re having trouble with your Palawan Express transactions.

Why are you having problems with tracking your Palawan Express remittance?

Normally, tracking your remittance in Palawan Express is quick and straightforward. After the sender has completed the transaction, both the sender and the recipient will automatically receive an SMS from Palawan Express confirming that the cash is now ready for claiming. The sender will also receive an SMS once the recipient has claimed the sent amount.

For the sender, if you did not receive a confirmation message that your recipient has already claimed the sent amount, it may be because you wrote down an incorrect phone number in the Send Money form during your transaction.

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For the recipient, the common problem is that you do not know the sender or the expected amount to be received. The SMS you receive from Palawan Express only includes the transaction code. Some senders forget to contact you to inform you about the details of the transaction, such as the sent amount.

Can you track your Palawan Express remittance online?

Palawan Express currently does not have an online tracking system for Pera Padala transactions. However, some third-party websites claim that you can track your remittance and learn more details about the transaction as long as you have your transaction code.

We went ahead and tried out some of these websites to check out their reliability. As we’ve learned, these websites CANNOT track down your Palawan Express transactions. When you enter your transaction code on one of these sites, you will only get redirected to the Palawan Express homepage which does not have its own tracking system.

Most, if not all, of these third-party websites only compile various links or plug-ins to the tracking systems of different courier and remittance services. They are not affiliated with Palawan Express nor are authorized to handle transaction details. Thus, these third-party websites do not work and only revert you back to the Palawan Express main website.

Instead of relying on third-party websites, here’s what you can do to be able to track your Palawan Express remittance.

For the Sender: How to check whether your sent amount has been claimed

With regard to this problem, you have to physically inquire at a Palawan Express branch to track whether your amount has already been claimed. Only Palawan Express is able to officially track the progress of your transaction.

Ideally, you must visit the same Palawan Express branch where you initially transacted to receive updates about your transaction’s status. Don’t forget to have the Transaction Code which the personnel will use to check your transaction. You may also be asked to show the Send Money Form or receipt of your transaction.

For the Recipient: How to know more details about the transaction

The easiest solution to this issue is to have your sender contact you the details about the transaction, like their full name and the amount to be claimed. The reason why the SMS from Palawan Express sent to the recipient only contains the transaction code and not the other details is because it requires the sender to contact the recipient for the transaction to be completed. This serves as another level of security to ensure that the correct recipient claims the amount.

If you have missing transaction details, you can still try inquire at a Palawan Express branch so that an official personnel can assist you. Depending on how complete the transaction details you have is, you may be able to claim your remittance even if there are some missing details. As long as every other detail you have is correct and supported by the details from the sender, the personnel may understand your situation and process the transaction.

Money remittance with Palawan Express Pera Padala is quick and easy, but there may be those times when you’ll need help tracking the transaction. Don’t rely on third-party websites, but instead inquire with a Palawan Express personnel at the nearest branch. And remember, always be careful and double-check when transacting to prevent any problems like this in the future.