How to Pay Meralco Using GCash

Aside from sending money to your family and friends, didn’t you know that you can now pay Meralco using GCash? If you haven’t tried it yet and wondering how to pay Meralco using GCash, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll share with you the easy steps on paying your Meralco bills using GCash, so keep reading.

How to Pay Meralco Using GCash?

If you’re tired of queuing in payment centers and looking for convenient ways to settle your utility bills, follow the steps below on how to pay Meralco using GCash:

  1. Launch the GCash app.
  2. On the dashboard, click Bills.
  3. Under the Pay Bills section, select Electric Utilities.
  4. Scroll down and look for Meralco. You can also enter Meralco on the search bar.
  5. Input the amount to pay. Remember, a service fee may apply or be waived based on the biller.
  6. Next, enter the 10-digit Customer Account Number (CAN) indicated on the Meralco bill you’re paying. You also have the option to scan the bar code on the Meralco bill by clicking the barcode scanner button, which automatically enters your Meralco CAN.
  7. If you prefer to receive an e-receipt, enter your Email Address (optional) and click Next.
  8. Double-check your payment details and click Confirm.
  9. Then, you’ll receive a notification from GCash via text or email indicating a successful transaction. Also, the payment will reflect within 24 hours on your Meralco account.

If you prefer other ways to settle your Meralco bill, you can try using ShopeePay.

Where can I find my Meralco Customer Account Number (CAN)?

To find your Meralco CAN, get the latest billing that you need to pay. On the lower section of the 2022 bill, you can find your Meralco CAN beside the amount you need to pay.

Where can I find my Meralco Barcode?

To find your Meralco barcode, get the billing you’re about to pay. Then, at the bottom of your billing, beside the Payment Instruction, you’ll see the Barcode that contains the account details. 

Do I need MRN to pay Meralco using GCash?

Since GCash aims to offer convenient service, you no longer need to use Meralco Reference Number (MRN) as you can now pay your bills using the 10-digit CAN.

Can I use the old MRN to pay my latest Meralco bill?

No, you cannot pay your latest Meralco bill using the old MRN since it’s already expired and assigned for the specific months it was issued. In short, using old MRN results in rejected or failed transactions as it won’t match your latest billing. 

Can I pay overdue Meralco bills in GCash?

Yes, you can still pay overdue Meralco bills using GCash, as long as you haven’t received a disconnection notice yet. If you already received a disconnection notice, you cannot pay overdue Meralco bills via GCash since the MRN is not applicable anymore.  

Is there a service fee when paying Meralco via GCash?

If you’re paying in-app using your GCash wallet funds, there is no service fee when paying your Meralco bills. However, varying billers charges a fixed service fee or at least 2% of the total amount you’re paying. If a service fee applies, check the charges indicated below the amount you wish to pay before confirming your transaction.

How to save in GCash my Meralco payment details?

Launch the GCash app and click Bills on the dashboard to save your Meralco payment details. Under Favorite Billers, click Add a Biller and select Meralco. On the Edit Biller page, provide the accurate information, including CAN, Amount (optional), Email Receipt To (optional), Nickname, and select a date on the Remind Me Every section to get a notification to pay your Meralco using GCash.