How To Return An Item In Lazada

If you’re new to e-commerce, like Lazada, you might be worrying if the product you’re about to order was damaged upon delivery or receiving the wrong item. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry since Lazada has a Return Policy, allowing users to request a return for products for valid reasons. And if you’re wondering how to return an item in Lazada, read our guide below as we discuss Lazada’s Return Policy.

What is Lazada’s Return/Refund Policy?

First things first, before you consider returning an item in Lazada, you need to meet the two conditions for your request to be approved. Under the Return/Refund Policy of Lazada, only request for a Return/Refund that’s within the applicable coverage and meets a valid reason can be approved. To ensure an approved Return Request, read the Coverage and Valid Reasons for Return/Refund:

Return/Refund Coverage (From Delivery Date)

  • Return to Lazada Warehouse: LazMall- 30 Days, LazGlobal- 7 Days
  • Return to Seller: Local Marketplace- 7 Days

Valid Reasons for Return/Refund

  • The item delivered was defective or damaged (For electronics only)
  • Spoiled or expired item
  • The received item doesn’t match the product description
  • The item received was different from the order
  • Fake or unauthentic items
  • Received packaged is missing freebies or accessories
  • Received packaged is incomplete or lacks essential items

How to return an item in Lazada?

While returning an item in Lazada involves a lengthy procedure, the good thing is you don’t have to pay any fee when dropping off the items to LEX or J&T, Lazada’s return partners. However, certain items are non-returnable to Lazada, including groceries, digital goods, pleasure items, vitamins and supplements, boxes and underwear, and perfumes and fragrances. You may also contact Lazada Support for any questions.

Now, if the product you’re returning to Lazada doesn’t fall under the non-returnable items, follow the steps to learn how to return an item in Lazada.

For Local Marketplace/Delivered by Seller

  1. Launch the Lazada app and log in.
  2. Under the My Orders section, click View All Orders.
  3. Click on the item you wish to return.
  4. Next, click Return/Refund.
  5. Fill out the Online Return Form.
  6. Select a courier and the delivery method for your return.
  7. Click Continue to confirm receiving the package.
  8. Read the details of the recommended drop-off location.
  9. Download the Return Label, which you’ll use to return an item in Lazada.

For LazMall & Global Collection (from overseas/Taobao Collection)

  1. Launch the Lazada app and log in.
  2. Under My Orders, click View All Orders.
  3. Click on the item you wish to return.
  4. Next, click Return/Refund.
  5. On the How can we help page, select I want to return my item.
  6. Choose a Return Reason and click Continue.
  7. Input the Refund Amount.
  8. Add photos of the item to return.
  9. Give a Detailed Explanation and click Next.
  10. Double-check the details of your Return Request and click Submit.

How to drop off the item you want to return to Lazada?

Once you’ve got an approved Return Request, check out the steps below on how to successfully drop off the items to Lazada’s return partners:

  1. Pack the item with the manual/user guide, invoice, freebies, and accessories.
  2. Next, print the Return Label or write the Tracking Number starting with 984 and RA Number and attach it above the package containing the item you want to return.
  3. Head to your chosen courier and inform the branch personnel that you’re returning an item to Lazada.