How To Contact Lazada Customer Service

Whether you’re looking for personal and business needs or gifts for your loved ones on special occasions, Lazada is the place to go as they have plenty of products to choose from and offer a convenient shopping experience. However, like any other e-commerce and online shop, it is inevitable to encounter difficulties when purchasing a product online, and you may experience delayed parcels or receive damaged goods and return an item for refund.

And if you’re having trouble with your Lazada account or orders, you might be asking how to contact Lazada Customer Service. So to help you out, read our in-depth guide to find out.

How to contact Lazada Customer Service?

Since Lazada has millions of users in the Philippines, reaching out to them can be challenging. Nonetheless, there are many ways to contact Lazada Customer service, so if you’re currently having difficulties, follow the steps below on how to contact Lazada Customer Service.

Via Hotline

If you’re going through urgent matters, the best way to contact Lazada Customer Service is to call their hotline at (02) 7795 8900. Also, this hotline is available from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm every day, excluding holidays.

Via Chat

Another easy and cheapest way to contact Lazada Customer Service is through the chat button. It is where you can talk to Cleo, Lazada’s digital customer care officer, who is up 24/7 to answer your queries and concern. But if Cleo still left you wondering, you can chat with Lazada’s Live Agents, who are up 24/7, excluding holidays.

Via Social Channel

As a last resort, you can contact Lazada Customer Service through their social channels. If you’re on Facebook, visit Lazada’s official Facebook page and click the Send Message button. For Twitter users, you can send a direct message to Lazada Philippines’ official Twitter account if you have any concerns.

How to contact Cleo on Lazada?

Now, if you prefer to contact Lazada’s Chatbot Cleo, follow the steps below:

Via Website

  1. Go to Lazada’s website and click Customer Care on the upper tab.
  2. On the drop-down menu, click Help Center.
  3. Then, click the Chat Now button at the bottom of the page to contact Cleo.

Via App

  1. Launch the Lazada app and log in.
  2. On the bottom right of the dashboard, click the Account button.
  3. Select Chat with Customer Care under My Service.
  4. Then, proceed to chat with Cleo.

How to contact Lazada’s Live Agent?

On the other hand, if Cleo wasn’t able to resolve your concern or queries after asking multiple times, you have the option to contact Lazada’s Live Agent. By chatting with Lazada’s Live Agent, it would be easier to get the answers to your queries. So to contact Lazada’s Live Agent, continue talking with Cleo by entering a question on the typing space to initiate the chat. After typing questions, you’ll see a tab below where the Live Agent option is available. If you want more answers from Lazada Customer Service, click the Live Agent button.


With the different ways to contact Lazada Customer Service, it is easier to shop online as Lazada ensures that users have someone to talk or chat with if problems arise with their account or purchase. In addition, with Lazada’s 24/7 chat support, you can always reach out to them anytime and anywhere.