NBI Clearance Hit: What To Do?

One of the requirements in getting a job or going abroad is a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance. This is an important document to verify that you are not involved in any crime or criminal investigation. For employers, it will ensure them that you are a trustworthy and honest person. If you are going abroad, the NBI clearance will prove that you are clear for travel.

To get an NBI clearance online, you must first apply for it through the NBI website. Follow the instructions for payment and wait for your schedule for getting your NBI clearance. However, if you have a “hit,” then you may have to wait longer. This article will discuss what you need to do when you get a NBI clearance “hit.”

Getting a “hit” means that another person residing in the Philippines has the same name as yours. This usually happens to people who have common or famous surnames such as Dela Cruz, Santos, Perez, Lee, Padilla, and others. Two or more persons who are applying for a NBI clearance may have the name Juan Dela Cruz and this is what “hit” means.

When there is a “hit,” the NBI needs to conduct additional verification to identify who among the Juan Dela Cruz’s applied for the NBI clearance. A case for Estafa against a Juan Dela Cruz is in the NBI’s record so the NBI has to check if this is you or not. This will usually require an additional eight to ten working days. The NBI has to search records all over the Philippines to ensure the information in your NBI clearance.

If you are sure that you were not involved in any criminal or administrative case, then you have nothing to worry about. After the eight to ten working days, you may go to the NBI branch you applied for clearance. Present your receipt at the Releasing Window and claim your NBI clearance.

There are instances that you will be required to attend an NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview. In this case, the NBI needs to personally interview you to verify if you are the same person involved in the criminal case. There may be a warrant of arrest, pending criminal investigation, or case resolved with your name involved. For the NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview, you need to bring two valid identification cards. You may check the NBI website for the list of valid identification cards that you may bring. If you are party in a past criminal or administrative case, you also need to bring the decision or resolution that the case has been resolved.

After the verification process, the NBI will release your NBI clearance immediately. You may also check the status of your NBI clearance online. Always remember to bring your receipt when claiming your NBI clearance.