How to Type the Enye (Ñ) Letter On Your Computer, Laptop or Smartphones

how to type enye

As Filipinos with Spanish surnames like Cariño, Bañez and Castañeda, we often find it difficult to input our names properly in our screens. The normal keyboard that our devices come with doesn’t contain this letter, and so, even if we look for it across the keyboard, we never find it. Some just settle with using “n” but “Banez” is never the same as “Bañez”, especially in legal documents.

In this article, we will cover all ways how to type enye in laptop, computer, and other devices.

How To Type Enye On Laptop or Computers

  1. On Windows Computer
    • For small letter ñ, hold down ALT key and press 0241 or ALT 164. (Small letter ñ: ALT + 0241 or ALT + 164)
    • For capital letter Ñ, hold down ALT key and press 0209 or 165. (Capital letter Ñ: ALT + 0209 or ALT + 165)
  2. On Mac Computer
    • For small letter ñ, hold down the option key and then press the letter n and then press the letter N again. (Small letter ñ: Option key + N + N)
    • For uppercase letter N, hold down option key and then press N, now press shift and then N. (Capital letter Ñ: Option key + N + shift + N)
  3. Copy and Pasting the Letter Ñ
    Maybe you are filling out a form and need to type the letter as part of your name. If the layout doesn’t matter much, and you just need the letter by itself, then you can copy and paste the letter instead.

    Search “enye” on Google and it should show up, in both capital and lowercase letters. Highlight the letter, right click and click “copy” (or press ctrl + c) and then go to the website where you want to paste it and click “paste” (or press ctrl + v).
  4. Insert in Microsoft Word
    If you are working on a document in Microsoft Word and need the letter ñ or Ñ, here’s how you can insert it on your page:

    Go to Insert tab > symbols > more symbols.
    Select the ñ symbol and click “insert” and it should automatically insert the letter.
  5. Using Character Map
    Character Map is available for all versions of the Windows computers. Click the Windows icon on the lower left of you screen, click Windows Accessories and then click Character Map. A pop up of the Character Map will appear. Now, choose the ñ or Ñ symbol and click copy. Now paste it to wherever you want to use the letter through ctrl + v or right click > paste.

How To Type Enye on Smartphones

This method is universal for all on-screen keyboard smartphones (both for Apple and Android).

Hold down the letter n on your keyboard and a variation of this letter would appear, which would be ñ.

For capital letter, press shift, and then hold down the letter N before it reveals the Ñ letter.

This works with other letters that have other variations (e.g. holding down e reveals è, é, ê, ë, ē, ė and ę).

If you don’t remember all of these in one try, you can always go back to this article whenever you find yourself needing the letter ñ.

Or if you are just casually chatting with a friend, typing “enye” or spelling it out to “Los Banyos” will probably get the message across.

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