LBC Pera Padala Rates

If you are thinking of sending money to your loved ones straight to their footsteps, choosing LBC is one of the most excellent choices. They offer competitive pera padala rates. More than that, LBC has numerous branches nationwide, even to the tiniest city. So, you’ll never regret using its money remittance service. It is one of the competitive companies in the Philippines that started a long years ago just like Cebuana Lhuillier. Check this link if you are looking for Cebuana Lhuillier pera padala rates instead.

The good news is that it is available for 1200 branches. Another one is the convenience of sending money through LBC. You have three different options for remittance. You can go to with the regular transfer, bank account remittance, and door-to-door money delivery, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

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The type of transfers it has is Instant Peso Padala, door to door delivery, remit to account, and through money remittance partners.

The following LBC Pera Padala Rates Table can help you to distinguish the difference between other competitor branches. We will present it with the rates individually in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The money you can send ranges from P1 to P5000.

LBC Pera Padala Rates 2020

Amount NCR / South / North Luzon Visayas Mindanao
₱1-100 ₱6.00 ₱6.00 ₱6.00
₱101-200 ₱15.00 ₱15.00 ₱15.00
₱201-300 ₱20.00 ₱20.00 ₱20.00
₱301-400 ₱25.00 ₱25.00 ₱25.00
₱401-500 ₱30.00 ₱30.00 ₱30.00
₱501-600 ₱35.00 ₱35.00 ₱35.00
₱601-700 ₱40.00 ₱40.00 ₱40.00
₱701-800 ₱45.00 ₱45.00 ₱45.00
₱801-900 ₱50.00 ₱50.00 ₱50.00
₱901-1,000 ₱50.00 ₱50.00 ₱50.00
₱1,001-1,500 ₱75.00 ₱75.00 ₱75.00
₱1,501-2,000 ₱100.00 ₱100.00 ₱100.00
₱2,001-2,500 ₱125.00 ₱125.00 ₱125.00
₱2,501-3,000 ₱150.00 ₱150.00 ₱150.00
₱2,501-3,000 ₱150.00 ₱150.00 ₱150.00
₱4,001-5,000 ₱220.00 ₱220.00 ₱220.00

If you prefer sending door-to-door service, you will only add transfer fees. It will help other Filipinos who have a parent who couldn’t get outside from their homes due to sickness or other personal problems. It is convenient and aside from that, it is next-day delivery. Just wait after 24 hours for your recipients to get their money.

LBC rates may not be the cheapest, but it has one of the most convenient services compared to other competitors.

How To Send Money via LBC

  1. Go to the nearest LBC branch.
  1. Ask or look for the Remittance Form and fill it out with the correct information. The details included are your complete contact information, address, receiver’s name, address, and contact number.

After finishing filling out the form, present it to the agent together with your ID and the money you are going to send. Of course, don’t forget the additional transfer fee. Please check above the LBC pera padala rates.

  1. After completion of the transaction, keep the receipt and copy the tracking number.
  2. Message your recipient with the tracking number provided to you and the exact money you’ve sent. Inform not to forget the ID when about to claim.
  3. The funds are available in real-time, but you can wait for a couple of minutes to make sure it’s already available.

How to Receive the Money from LBC?

  1. Go to the nearest branch after receiving the details from the sender.
  2. Get the Encashment Form and fill out the necessary information – tracking number, sender’s name, and the exact amount you are going to receive.
  3. Present the form to the teller together with your two valid IDs. Wait for the process to finish.
  4. Receiver the cash with the receipt.

Lists of valid IDs accepted by LBC branches

  • SSS Card
  • GSIS ecard
  • Postal ID (PVC Card)
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Foreign English Passport for non-Philippines residents
  • Senior Citizen Card
  • Pag-IBIG ID
  • Philhealth
  • OFW ID
  • Firearm License
  • AFP Dependent ID
  • AFP ID
  • Seaman Book & Seafarer’s Registration Certificate

Track Your Parcels or Remittance

You may track your remittance or parcels here: LBC Express Tracking Philippines