How to Withdraw Money from PayMaya

Are you wondering how to withdraw money from PayMaya? If yes, then you’re in the right place. This article contains the simple steps to withdraw money from your PayMaya account.

We also included the reminders and criteria to meet before you can withdraw money from PayMaya, so read on!

Reminders before Withdrawing Money from PayMaya

But before anything else, let’s discuss the following reminders you should take note of to successfully withdraw money from PayMaya:

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You need an upgraded PayMaya account to withdraw through ATM

If you recently signed up for a PayMaya account, you can directly cash in, pay bills, shop online, and buy a load using your e-wallet. However, basic PayMaya accounts can only access limited benefits. Thus, upgrading your PayMaya account is essential to enjoy maximum benefits, including money withdrawal through an ATM.

You can upgrade your account online or at the Bayad Center branch

Meanwhile, if you wish to upgrade your PayMaya account, you can do it online by following these steps:

  1. On the PayMaya app, click the Menu/More icon and select Upgrade for Free
  2. Next, fill out the upgrade application form.
  3. Submit valid IDs for documentation. Take a picture of your 1 primary ID and 2 secondary IDs. 
  4. Wait for an SMS from PayMaya containing your upgrade validation code.
  5. Go to Messenger and contact @MayaCares for the KYC video call schedule.

However, you can proceed to a participating Bayad Center branch to complete the final step if you’re not up for a video call. If you choose this process, you should fill out a similar upgrade application form and take note of the upgrade validation code sent via SMS.

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Then, submit the duly-accomplished upgrade application form to a Bayad Center representative in your chosen branch. On the other hand, those below 18 years old should submit a minor’s consent form filled out by their parents or guardian rather than the upgrade application form.

In addition, minors who want to upgrade their PayMaya account at a Bayad Center branch should submit 2 valid IDs and another two from their parent or guardian. You can also perform the KYC call in-app if you have the latest PayMaya version and Android KitKat or iOS 9 to 11 devices. 

You can upgrade your PayMaya account for free

Yes, you read that right! Upgrading your PayMaya account will always be free. So if there’s something suspicious during the process or you’re being requested to pay an upgrade fee for your PayMaya account, immediately report it.

Never tell anyone your account password

Whether it’s your friends or family, you should never tell anyone your PayMaya account password. The same goes if you’re upgrading your PayMaya account or a PayMaya representative asks for your password while conducting a KYC call. 

So if any party inquires about your account password or card details and claims that it’s part of the PayMaya upgrade process, disregard the call and report it to PayMaya immediately. 

You can only withdraw money via a physical PayMaya card

After you have upgraded your PayMaya account, you can withdraw money using a PayMaya physical card. Just search for an ATM with a BancNet mark and withdraw your money as you do with your bank account.

But keep in mind ATM withdrawal fees differ per bank. For Landbank ATMs, they have a P5 service charge per transaction, while other banks immediately deduct P15, such as BPI and BPO.

Withdraw Money from PayMaya using a 6-digit PIN number

To withdraw money from your PayMaya account, you need the 6-digit PIN number you first set when linking a PayMaya physical card in-app. Also, the PIN remains the same even if you have multiple PayMaya physical cards. 

On the other hand, you can reset your PIN if you forget it. To do so, click the Menu/More icon on the PayMaya app and select My Cards. Then, choose a VISA card and click Reset PIN

Try the following if an error occurs while withdrawing money

  • Check if you have an upgraded PayMaya account.
  • Reset your PIN number.
  • Go to Facebook and contact @MayaCares.
  • Call PayMaya at  (632) 845-7788, toll free at 1-800-1-0845-7788. For Smart subscribers, dial *778 on your mobile phone.

How to Withdraw Money from PayMaya

Once you have an upgraded account, you can follow the steps below on how to withdraw money from PayMaya using a physical card:

  1. Head to the nearest ATM that accepts withdrawals for VISA or Mastercard, local and abroad.
  2. Insert the physical PayMaya card and choose “Savings” on the prompt screen.
  3. Select or enter the desired amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Enter your 6-digit PIN.
  5. Then, claim your money and the transaction receipt.

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