How to Withdraw Money from Binance to Coins PH

If you’re looking for ways to withdraw money from Binance, you may transfer it to your bank account or other payment methods such as But if you haven’t used this mobile wallet, we’ll help you get familiar with the process. So keep on reading to know how to withdraw money from Binance to 

Why use to Withdraw Money from Binance?

While there are many options to withdraw money from Binance, is the most convenient and easiest way to transfer your money. You can do it like directly transferring funds from one mobile wallet to another. In addition, there are two recommended ways to withdraw your money from Binance to using P2P and XRP. But how do the two differ? Well, although P2P and XRP are both legit ways to transfer your money, the process of P2P is quite complicated.

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If you’re going to withdraw USDT using P2P, different buyers offer rates ranging from around P48.50 to P49.18. Moreover, you have to choose which buyer offers as the payment method, and your USDT balance should meet the buyer’s minimum amount, which is around P500 to P55,000. However, buyers offering minimum amount like P500 to P1,500 offers a low exchange rate.

On the other hand, XRP is the fastest way to withdraw your money from Binance and offers lower transaction fees going to Another good thing with XRP is it allows users to transfer money on their own, making it less worrying of having transaction problems. So if you want to know how to withdraw money from Binance to using XRP, follow the steps below.

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How to Withdraw Money from Binance to Coins PH?

Now, let’s proceed with the step-by-step process of how to withdraw money from Binance to via XRP.

  1. Launch Binance on your browser or mobile app, and log in to your account.
  2. On the homepage, click “Wallets”. You will see your available assets under “Spot”.
  3. On the lower section under Spot Wallet, click “Markets” and then click “Fiat”.
  4. Next, search for XRP on the market list provided, click “XRP” and “Buy”.
  5. On the “XRP/USDT” section, click “100%”, and then click “Buy XRP” to exchange all your USDT to XRP. You may also opt to lower the percentage if you don’t want to convert all your USDT.
  6. Afterward, a “Success” notification will appear on your screen. Below the “Open Orders,” you will see your transaction and wait for a few minutes for it to disappear and reflect on your XRP.
  7. Click “Wallets” to check if your USDT converted to XRP.
  8. Next, go to your account, and click “XRP” on the upper right corner.
  9. Click “Receive” and click “Show my XRP address”.
  10. Under “Receive XRP”, click the “Copy” icon at the “Institutional wallet address”.
  11. Go back to Binance wallet, and click “Withdraw”.
  12. Under “Crypto”, click “XRP”.
  13. Long press to paste the “Institutional wallet address” under “Withdraw XRP” at the “Address” section.
  14. Go back to, and click the “Copy” icon at the “Your destination tag”.
  15. Go back to “Withdraw XRP” long press to paste the “Your destination tag” at the “Tag” section.
  16. Make sure to meet the minimum of 20.25 XRP to withdraw your balance.
  17. Next, click “Max” under the “Amount” and click “Withdrawal”.
  18. Check the “Address” and “Tag” and click “Confirm”.
  19. Complete the verification via email or mobile number.
  20. Once the request is successful, go back to
  21. To sell your XRP, click “Crypto” and then “Convert”.
  22. On the “Convert” page, choose “XRP” on the upper section, and click “PHP”.
  23. Lastly, click “Slide to convert” to exchange your XRP to PHP. It will automatically appear on your balance, and you can proceed with the withdrawal.