Sony LinkBuds Review

Whether you’re into music or are always on the go and need something handy, wireless earbuds are the way to go. And if you’re wondering if Sony LinkBuds will suit your needs, you’ve landed right on the spot. In this article, we’ll discuss the features, disadvantages, and why you should buy the Sony Linkbuds, so read on.


Unlike most wireless earbuds in the market, the Sony LinkBuds offers a unique design with ring-shaped ends that fit the ear curves. Although its design looks a bit strange, it is comfortable and allows users to choose the best fit of removable rubber fins available in five sizes, from extra small to extra-large. It doesn’t block the ear canal or have a hard tip, which makes the Sony LinkBuds comfortable to use.

It is made of eco-friendly plastic auto parts available in white or gray, making it very lightweight, and weighs 4g each earbud. In addition, it is water-resistant with an IPX4 rating, perfect for those who like outdoor activities, such as biking or running. However, the key to a great experience with the Sony LinkBuds is to find the perfect silicone ear fin to avoid falling out or affecting its sound quality.


As opting to use earbuds is all about convenience, on the other hand, the Sony LinkBuds has limited control options. It features an Adaptive Volume Control, which can cause the volume to go up and down continuously, and has no customization for sensitivity, only on and off. So if you came from outdoors and went to a quiet space, the volume will playback.

Moreover, the Sony Headphones Connect app has limited pre-set functions like setting the Playback control for double-tap and Next Song for triple-tap made possible with Sony Wide Area Tap. So if you want to play a previous song, you have to go back to the control settings and set the Select Song function. In short, you can only pre-set two functions and can’t do other things unless you reset.

But there’s an advantage of installing the Sony Headphones Connect app. It allows users to have firmware and equalizer updates, accesses the Sony 360 Reality Audio, and enables Sony DSEE, improving compressed audio files sound quality. Also, it has Bluetooth 5.2 connection and supports SBC and AAC codecs.

While the Sony Wide Area Tap is a great feature, allowing users to tap near the ear to control the pre-set functions, it is by default. Thus, if you’re the conscious type and constantly touch or move your hand near your ear, or you’re fixing the earbuds into your ear, the Wide Area Tap can be frustrating.


Aside from a comfortable design, the Sony LinkBuds doesn’t offer isolation similar to noise-canceling earbuds. Instead, it allows users to hear their surroundings naturally while walking or biking. This feature is perfect for commuters, runners, or in open spaces, so you can be aware of your surroundings while listening to your favorite playlist or a podcast. Nonetheless, it has a great call and sound quality but a lower bass range. 

Battery Life

In terms of hours of usage, the Sony LinkBuds can last up to 5.5 hours, a standard and enough battery life most earbuds offer. Furthermore, Sony boasts that its charging case can store up to 12 hours of wireless playback and can charge 90 minutes listening time in 10 minutes. However, it doesn’t have wireless charging but supports USB-C. 


In summary, the Sony LinkBuds is the ideal wireless earbuds for people who like to be aware of their surroundings while listening to music or making a phone call. Also, if you prioritize comfort, the design of the Sony LinkBuds might suit you. On the contrary, if you prefer not to hear anything other than the content you’re listening to, the Sony LinkBuds is not for you.