How To Fix LOS (Loss of Signal) Red Light on PLDT, Globe, Converge

Internet is one of the most utilized technology services today, from learning simple life hacks to performing jobs. You can also use it to connect to your loved ones across the world, keeping you connected any time of the day. However, losing an internet connection can be frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of a business transaction. So in this article, we’ll discuss how to fix the loss of signal (LOS) red light on your modem.

What is Loss of Signal (LOS)?

No matter what Internet Service Provider (ISP) you have, like PLDT, Globe, or Converge, there are times that you will experience loss of signal (LOS). You can determine if LOS is happening on your modem by checking the manual which LED light is for the internet and usually labeled as internet, LOS, or without a label.

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In addition, LOS can also happen if your device connects to the WIFI, but there is no connection. If this happens, it means that your modem is working fine, and the problem is with your ISP. You can check if you’re experiencing LOS if the LED light for it keeps on blinking, steady, or there is no light at all.  

What causes Loss of Signal (LOS)?

Many possible factors can cause LOS, including:

  • ISP performing maintenance or equipment upgrade
  • Power outage
  • Bent fiber optic cable
  • Loose cable
  • Damaged cable pins

How to fix modem LOS Red Light?

Now, let’s talk about fixing your modem LOS red light. To do so, try the following solutions below:

  1. Power cycle or restart modem

The first thing you can do to troubleshoot LOS is performing a power cycle or restart your modem or router. This solution fixes simple network connection problems, and conducting a power cycle is easy. You only need to turn off your modem for at least 5 minutes. Then, turn it back on and wait for a couple of minutes for the modem LOS LED light indicator to connect with the network. 

  1. Inspect for loose cables

If the power cycle didn’t do the trick, it might be loose cables that cause LOS on your modem. So the next step to take is to inspect if there are loose cables that connect your modem to the terminal box. However, do it with caution since it is fragile, and you can damage the cable pins if you’re not careful. To check for loose cables, inspect the ends of the modem and the terminal box if it is properly attached. If not, push in the cable connector and restart your modem again.

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  1. Perform an ISP firmware update on your modem

If your modem manual has a firmware update, you can install it to fix and prevent having frequent modem problems. You only need to follow the instructions on the modem manual to do this. Nonetheless, performing a firmware update can be critical since it can damage the modem if you fail to do it properly.

  1. Contact your ISP customer service

And if all else fails, it is time to contact your ISP customer service. By doing this, you can accurately determine what causes LOS on your modem, and the CRS will inform you of your network status by performing a line test. Once the cause of LOS is determined, the CRS will issue a repair request to fix the problem.

If you’re an internet subscriber of PLDT, Globe, or Converge, here are their contact details to report your modem problem.