How to Reset your Globe At Home Prepaid Wi-Fi Modem

For those using a Globe At Home Prepaid Wi-Fi modem for their home space, you want to be able to have control over your network’s different settings and configurations. You can access these through the Globe At Home dashboard. However, sometimes you may forget your admin log-in details, and you’ll have to reset your modem to regain access to the dashboard.

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Resetting your Globe At Home modem takes only seconds to do, and it can be done for various reasons. Here we’ll guide you on how to reset your Globe At Home Prepaid Wi-Fi modem, what it does, as well as how to change your admin password from the default.

What does resetting the modem do?

Resetting your modem means going back to its default configuration. All of your modem’s settings, including your Globe At Home admin and Wi-Fi passwords, will be reverted to the default details.

Resetting the modem is useful if you’ve forgotten your admin or modem password. Since there is no way to recover a forgotten admin password, resetting the modem and using the default password is how you can reaccess the Globe At Home dashboard.

Sometimes, it can also be used to troubleshoot your network if there are any problems with your connection. Especially if you have made changes with the network settings, resetting the modem will bring back the default configurations. 

Resetting the modem is also useful if you want to disconnect every user or device connected to the network. Once you’ve reset the modem, users will need to reconnect to the Wi-Fi using the default password. Any unwanted strangers previously connected to your Wi-Fi will then need to learn your password to reconnect.

How to reset your Globe At Home Prepaid Wi-Fi modem

Resetting your modem is done physically through a small, reset button on your modem. At the back of the modem, there is a tiny hole that may be labeled as “Reset”. Insert a small, thin object (like a pin) into the hole and press for 5 to 10 seconds.

Wait for the modem to restart, which may be depicted as the lights blinking at the front of the modem. After a successful reset, your modem settings will now be set to the default configuration.

You will be disconnected from the network, and you’ll need to reconnect using the default Wi-Fi password. If you want a personalized password, here’s how you can change the password of your Globe At Home Prepaid Wi-Fi.

You will also be logged out of the Globe At Home dashboard, and you can use the default modem username and password to log in. Read below to learn how to change the admin password of your Globe At Home modem.  

How to change the admin password on your Globe At Home Prepaid Wi-Fi modem

These steps work for most Globe At Home Prepaid Wi-Fi modem models. Depending on your device, there may be some variations on some of the steps.

  1. From your browser, go to the IP address At the upper-right corner of the page, click “Log In”

Make sure that you are connected to the internet using your Globe Prepaid Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Enter the default admin username and password. Click “Log In”.

The default log-in details are found at the bottom of your modem. For many models, the default username is user, and the default password is @l03e1t3.

  1. From the Globe At Home dashboard,  click “Advance” at the top menu.
  1. On the left menu, click “Modify Password” under Device Information.
  1. Input your current (default) password, and then input your new desired password.

Your password must contain at least 8 characters, recommended to have a combination of letters and numbers. A scale will show you the strength of your new password, either Low, Middle, or High.

  1. Re-enter your password to confirm. Click “Apply”.

If all is well, you have now successfully changed your admin password. You will be logged out of the Globe At Home dashboard.

  1. Log back in to your dashboard using your new admin password.

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Why should you change your Globe At Home admin password?

It’s crucial that you immediately change your admin or modem password after logging in to your Globe At Home dashboard. The default password that you’re given is the same for every Globe modem, so anyone who’s connected to your network can potentially log in and modify your network configurations using your default password.

Changing your admin password is one step to improve the security and privacy of your network. So if you have to reset your Globe At Home modem, don’t forget to change your admin and Wi-Fi passwords from the default to keep your connection private.

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