Call of Duty Mobile Ranks Guide

Whether you like playing competitive or starting your gaming career, you should choose a great game, like the Call of Duty Mobile, and know how to play it. So if you haven’t played this game yet, you’ve found the right place. In this article, we’ve created a detailed Call of Duty Mobile Ranks guide and how to reach each rank.

Like most online video games, Call of Duty Mobile also has a ranking system, allowing players to enjoy a competitive game using their skills and strategies. In addition, there are two ranked modes in the game, which are Battle Royale and Multiplayer. Nonetheless, a player will rank differently on the two modes depending on competitive play. Aside from the two ranked modes, the Call of Duty Mobile has 6 ranks with 5 tiers each, which are reachable by accumulating points to level up.

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And to better understand how the game works, check out the Call of Duty Mobile Ranks Guide below.

Call of Duty Mobile Ranks Guide

  1. Rookie (1-1000 points)

As you start playing Call of Duty Mobile, your starting rank will be a Rookie, the lowest rank in the game. Also, this rank is mostly for bots and players who lack gaming skills.

  • Rookie I= 1-200 points
  • Rookie II= 201-400 points
  • Rookie III= 401-600 points
  • Rookie IV= 601-800 points
  • Rookie V= 801-1000 points
  1. Veteran (1001-2000 points)

Second to the lowest rank in the game, Veteran is a step up from being a Rookie. Although there isn’t much to boast about this level, it is still a great climb up the ranking system, indicating that you’re getting acquainted with the game and the weapons ideal for your gameplay.

  • Veteran I= 1001-1200 points
  • Veteran II= 1201-1400 points
  • Veteran III= 1401-1600 points
  • Veteran IV= 1601-1800 points
  • Veteran V= 1801-2000 points

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  1. Elite (2001-3000 points)

Reaching the Elite rank means that you’re no more a novice in the game. At this level, you will seldomly encounter beginners, and there are no more bots to compete. In addition, being an Elite player indicates that you can play decently or have the skills to compete with others.

  • Elite I= 20001-2200 points
  • Elite II= 2201-2400 points
  • Elite III= 2401-2600 points
  • Elite IV= 2601-2800 points
  • Elite V= 2801-3000 points
  1. Pro (3001-4500 points)

When you finally surpass being Elite, the next rank you’ll be in is a Pro player. This rank is for players who exhibit outstanding game knowledge and have increased from 1000 to 1500 points to progress to the next level. Though pro players are not one of the best, they still display excellent competitiveness to reach this rank.

  • Pro I= 3001-3300 points
  • Pro II= 3301-3600 points
  • Pro III= 3601-3900 points
  • Pro IV= 3901-4200 points
  • Pro V= 4201-4500 points
  1. Master (4501-6500 points)

Second to the top highest rank in Call of Duty Mobile, the Master rank is one of the most difficult levels in the game, with 400 points difference to level up to each tier. Furthermore, this rank requires the highest points, which is 2000 points, to progress to the next level.

  • Master I= 4501-4900 points
  • Master II= 4901-5300 points
  • Master III= 5301-5700 points
  • Master IV= 5701-6100 points
  • Master V= 6101-6500 points
  1. Legendary (6501+ points)

Lastly, the top rank in the Call of Duty Mobile is Legendary, considered as the best of all players. This rank doesn’t have any tier since being a legendary player is the highest level to achieve with 6501+ points.