SLP Farming Guide Axie Infinity

Update: Beginning Season 20, farming SLP via Adventure and Daily Quest is no longer available. SLP Rewards in Arena will also change. Please refer to the updated table below.

Playing Axie Infinity is not all about how much money you can spend to build your Axie team but also knowing how to earn the Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Although this game is quite intimidating at first, once you learn how to farm SLP, you can enjoy playing while earning crypto and exchanging it for actual money. So to help you get started, we‘ve created an SLP Farming Guide Axie Infinity to earn crypto efficiently. 

How Do Farming SLP work?

In this SLP Farming Guide Axie Infinity, we’ll discuss how to maximize your energy, complete the daily quests, defeat monsters in the adventure mode, and fight against other Axie players at the arena mode, to increase your chances of earning SLP. But first, what is SLP? SLP is the in-game token rewarded to Axie players after winning a match or completing daily quests. It is used for breeding Axies or selling them to traders in exchange for real-world money. 

How to efficiently earn SLP?

  1. Energy

Before you start fighting with monsters at the Adventure Mode or compete with players at the Arena mode, you should first understand how to utilize energy. Playing in both game modes will cost one energy per battle. So energy is important in gaining experience in the Adventure mode, increasing Axies level, and playing at the Arena where you can also farm SLP.

And to gain more energy, you will need a specific number of Axie’s to increase the refill speed and the maximum amount of energy.

  • 3-9 Axies= Max 20 Energy with 5 Energy refill every 6 hours
  • 10-19 Axies= Max 40 Energy with 5 Energy refill every 3 hours
  • 20+ Axies= Max 60 Energy with 5 Energy refill every 2 hours.
  1. Quests

Update: Beginning Season 20, this is no longer possible.

Another hassle-free way to farm SLP is to complete the daily quest. As of writing, from the previous 50 SLP, you can now earn 25 SLP on the daily quests. All you have to do is check-in daily, complete 10 Adventure mode levels, and win 5 Arena matches.

  1. Adventure Mode (PVE)

Update: Beginning Season 20, this is no longer possible.

Like the SLP that you can earn in the daily quests, the SLP in Adventure mode is also decreased to 50 SLP from 100 SLP on the previous update. In addition, we advise allotting your energy in the first few weeks you play the game to earn experience and level up faster. The higher the Axie Level, the better SLP you can win. You can also win bigger SLP when you fight with the bosses on Ruin 21 and Ruin 36.

SLP Reward by Level

  • Level 1-4= 1 SLP/Win
  • Level 5-9= 2 SLP/Win
  • Level 10-14= 4 SLP/Win
  • Level 15-16= 6 SLP/Win
  • Level 17-20= 5-10 SLP/Win
  • Level 21-36= 10-20 SLP/Win

SLP Reward Boss Fights

  • Adventure Ruin 21= 200 SLP
  • Adventure Ruin 36= 300 SLP
  1. Arena Mode (PVP)

Although the SLP reward in the daily quest and Adventure mode decreased to half from the previous update, Axie players can earn higher SLP in the Arena mode. By competing with other Axie players, you can win more SLP in a day. However, you need to have an MMR of over 800 to earn SLP in the Arena, Adventure, and Daily Quest.


SLP Reward by MMR

  • 0-800 MMR= 0 SLP/Win
  • 800-999= 1 SLP/Win
  • 1000-1099= 3 SLP/Win
  • 1100-1299= 6 SLP/Win
  • 1300-1499= 9 SLP/Win
  • 1500-1799= 12 SLP/Win
  • 1800-1999= 15 SLP/Win
  • 2000-2199= 18 SLP/Win
  • 2200+= 21 SLP/Win

Beginning Season 20:

  • 0-900 MMR = 1 SLP
  • 1000-1099 = 3 SLP
  • 1100-1299 = 5 SLP
  • 1300-1499 = 6 SLP
  • 1500-1799 = 8 SLP
  • 1800-1999 = 10 SLP
  • 2000+ = 12 SLP