How To Buy Steam Credits using GCash

Are you wondering how to buy Steam credits using GCash? Well, search no more as we have boiled down into detail the simple steps on buying Steam Credits through GCash, so keep on reading.

If you’re an avid online gamer, various video games make your gaming experience more enjoyable and exciting. So having a Steam account is ideal, allowing access to the latest RPG, FPS, sports, and open-world survival video games. The Steam platform also has varying seasonal promotions, offering great deals on the latest games. And if you already have a Steam account, you can purchase games by paying with a credit card, Paypal, and other payment methods. But if you don’t have a credit card or Paypal account, you can top up your Steam wallet using GCash, for smooth and fast transactions.

How to Buy Steam Credits using GCash

There are many ways to buy Steam Credits and pay with your GCash wallet. You can buy it on the Steam online store and third-party websites, such as Xquareshop and Lazada. Buying Steam Credits in the GCash app is also possible. Nonetheless, GCash has a 20% charge if you purchase Steam Credits in the app, while the Steam online store doesn’t have additional fees.

For example, if you buy 500 Steam Credits on the GCash app, you’ll pay P600. But if you buy 500 Steam Credits on the Steam online store, you only need to pay P500. The only downside with the Steam online store is it requires a P200 minimum purchase amount. In the GCash app, you can buy for as low as P60, equal to 50 Steam Credits. So if you’re looking for more ways to top up your Steam wallet, follow the steps below on how to buy Steam Credits using GCash.

Buy Steam Credits Via Steam

  1. Go to the Steam store website and log in to your account.
  2. On the upper right screen, click on your profile name.
  3. On the dropdown menu, click Account details. If you have funds on your Steam wallet, click your balance amount.
  4. Under the Store & Purchase History, click Add Funds to your Steam wallet.
  5. Then, choose the amount to purchase and click Add funds on your preferred denomination. The Steam store has a P200 minimum and P4,000 maximum purchase amount.
  6. On the Payment Info, select GCash as the Payment Method and click Continue.
  7. Double-check the payment details and the amount to purchase.
  8. Check the I agree to the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement.
  9. Next, click Continue to Smart2Pay.
  10. A Checkout page will appear containing the QR code. Scan it using the GCash app. You have 15 minutes to confirm the payment.
  11. Launch the GCash app and click the QR icon below the screen.
  12. Using the QR Reader on the GCash app, scan the QR code on the Checkout page.
  13. Review the payment details and ensure it matches the payee on the Checkout page.
  14. Click the Pay button to complete the payment.
  15. Return to Steam online and check if your purchase reflects in your account. Steam will send a confirmation email and SMS from GCash confirming a successful purchase.

Buy Steam Credits Via GCash App

  1. Launch the GCash app.
  2. Click View all GCash Services on the home screen.
  3. Under Lifestyle & Shopping, click Game Credits.
  4. Input the mobile number if you’re sending the Steam wallet code to someone, or don’t change the mobile number if purchasing it for yourself. Click Next.
  5. Click the Steam tab and choose your preferred Steam Wallet Codes amount to purchase. Then, click Next.
  6. Double-check the payment details and click the Pay button.
  7. Go to the Steam online redemption page.
  8. Enter the Steam Wallet Code and click Continue. Then, check your Steam wallet to see if the amount is credited. 

Buy Steam Credits Via Xquareshop

  1. Go to the Xquareshop website to buy Steam Wallet Codes.
  2. Choose your preferred Steam Wallet Code amount.
  3. Then, click E-wallet and choose GCash as the payment method.
  4. Enter a valid email address to receive the Steal Wallet Codes.
  5. Confirm the payment by logging in to your GCash account.
  6. Enter the SMS verification code and your MPIN to complete the payment.

Buy Steam Credits Via Lazada

  1. Log in to your Lazada account.
  2. Search for Steam Wallet Code.
  3. Select your preferred Steam Wallet voucher to purchase.
  4. Click Buy Now and select GCash as the payment method.
  5. Enter your GCash mobile number and enter your 4-digit MPIN to proceed with the payment.
  6. Confirm the payment, and the Lazada seller will send your Steam Wallet Code.

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