How To Increase GScore in GCash

GCash is undeniably one of the most popular e-wallets in the Philippines, allowing convenient transactions online and on-site. The app makes it easier to pay bills and shop online without needing cash at hand. And now that GCash offers lending products, users are eager to increase their GScore to be eligible for loans. So if you’re wondering how to increase GScore in GCash, follow the guide below to enjoy the app’s maximum offers. 

What is a GScore?

GScore is a credit score reflecting your activeness of using GCash and if you’re paying on time your GCredit loans. It is computed depending on various activities in the app, such as maintaining your wallet balance, paying your bills, and GCredit loans. In addition, GScore is the basis of GCash if you are qualified to avail of lending products, including GCredit and GLoans, which is only accessible by eligible customers. Thus, increasing your GScore is essential if you want to access GCash lending offers. 

Where can I find my GScore?

If you have a GCash account, you also have a GScore, which is the app’s overall trust rating for each user. And to check your GScore rating, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the GCash app and log in to your account.
  2. On the dashboard, click Profile.
  3. Under your Profile, click GScore on the drop-down menu.
  4. Your GScore rating will display on the screen. Also, you can click Manage GCredit to pay your bills and partner stores and merchants nationwide.

How to increase GScore in GCash?

Now, let’s discuss how to increase your GScore in GCash.

There are many tips to maintain and increase your GScore rating, such as paying dues on time and using GCash in all your online payment transactions. Also, you can check the tips below and make it your habit to increase your GScore in GCash.

  • Ensure that you maintain a healthy wallet balance by consistently cashing in to fund your GCash account.
  • Make GCash your go-to e-wallet and use it in all your transactions, including Buy Load, Pay Bills, Shop Online, and pay using QR code.
  • Paying your GCredit on time also increases your GScore. If you’re always behind the due date, you’ll be ineligible to avail of future loan products unless you’ve settled the payment for your total amount due.
  • Increase your trust rating by spending up to your maximum GCredit limit.
  • Make it a habit to deposit to GSave, securing you in the future. Also, you can increase your savings since GSave offers an interest rate of 2.6% with the amount deposited.
  • Regularly invest in GInvest for as low as P50 to access products from trusted investment companies.

Another tip is to link your bank accounts to the GCash app for convenient cash-in anytime and anywhere. You can also cash out faster if you have linked bank accounts to GCash or your GCash Mastercard. Consistently making bank transfers is also an indicator that you are an active GCash user.

What is the highest GScore in GCash?

Many have been using GCash for years but only have a 400 plus GScore rating. But if you wish to access a 10000 GCredit limit, GCash requires its users to have a GScore rating of around 600. So keep on using GCash features to increase your GScore rating.

Why is my GScore decreasing?

If your GScore rating keeps on decreasing, here are the possible reasons:

  • Being inactive in GCredit for a certain period causes the decline of your GScore rating. So regularly use GCredit to increase your GScore rating and GCredit limit.
  • Failure to maintain the required GScore for a specific GCredit limit means decreasing trust rating. A higher GCredit limit is equal to a high GScore rating.
  • Failed to spend the maximum amount of GCredit Line. Always use GCredit on your transactions to maximize your credit limit.

Why is my GCredit limit not unlocking?

If you have a lower GScore, you need to regularly use the GCash app and its features to unlock your GCredit limit. Furthermore, it will take time since you need to maintain your GScore before receiving a higher GCredit limit. So consistency is the key if you want to unlock your GCredit limit.

In Summary

Overall, it is easy to increase your GScore as long as you consistently use the features of the GCash app. Moreover, making GCash your primary payment method in all your online transactions can help increase your GScore. Thus, you only need to trust GCash by paying in the app, saving and investing, increasing your GScore rating, and accessing GCredit loans.