How to Buy Garena Shells using GCash

For online gamers, spending money on their favorite game is needed to level up and make their accounts stronger faster. And for avid players of Garena games, purchasing Garena Shells, the online currency of the platform that allows access to upgrades and powerful in-game items. However, since not all gamers have a mobile banking account or credit cards, we recommend buying Garena Shells using GCash, for faster and more convenient transactions. So if you’re into Garena Games, from Call of Duty: Mobile to League of Legends, read on to learn how to buy Garena Shells using GCash.

How to buy Garena Shells using GCash?

With technological advancement, gaming has become even more action-packed and exciting. It also piqued the interest of gamers of all ages with the variety of offerings, from FPS to battle arena video games, as the Garena platform has in store. However, it requires the online currency Garena Shells to purchase games and other in-game items. It can be purchased using a mobile banking account, credit card, or Paypal. But if you don’t have any of this, you can opt to use an e-wallet such as GCash.

Nonetheless, if you’re below 18 years old, you can’t create a GCash account. Instead, you can ask your parents, relative, or older friends to set up one that you can use for gaming. GCash allows Buy Load Game Credits which are convertible to Garena Shells. You can also buy Garena Shells with other providers such as Codashop and Wallet Codes, which accept GCash as the payment method. So if you’re wondering how to buy Garena Shells using GCash, follow the steps below.

Buy Garena Shells in GCash App

There are two ways to purchase Garena Shells in the GCash app, Buy Load and Game Credits.

Via Buy Load

  1. Launch the GCash app.
  2. On the main page, click Buy Load and Next.
  3. Go to the Game Credits tab under the Buy Load section.
  4. Choose the Garena Shells load you want to purchase and confirm the payment.
  5. Then, redeem the SMS redemption code on the Garena website.

Via Game Credits

  1. Launch the GCash app.
  2. Click show more on the main page.
  3. Under the Lifestyle & Shopping, choose Game Credits.
  4. Input your number, click Next and the Garena tab.
  5. Select the Garena Shell promos to purchase and confirm the payment.
  6. Then, go to the Garena website to redeem the SMS redemption code.

How to redeem Garena Shells?

Once you’ve purchased Garena Shells in the GCash app, go to the Garena website to redeem the codes and play your favorite games by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the Garena website.
  2. Log in to your Garena account.
  3. Then, click Shell Top up on the upper right of the screen.
  4. On the Garena Top-up Center, choose Garena PPC and enter the 16-digit PIN of Garena Shells.
  5. If you wish to redeem the code, click Myself or My friend to gift Garena Shells.
  6. Click Confirm to complete the redemption. 

Do Garena Shells expire?

Garena Shells will have an expiry date or not, depending on the merchant. If you purchase a redemption code online, you may receive an expiry date. But if you bought a physical card, you may find an expiry date indicated on the back. Garena Shells usually have two-year validity before it expires. However, it is encouraged to use the code once purchased. On the other hand, some Garena Shells Gift Certificates have no expiry date. So it is ideal checking the merchant’s terms and conditions regarding the validity of Garena Shells, whether you’re buying redemption codes, cards, or gift certificates.

Can you gift Garena Shells?

Yes, you can gift Garena Shells to your friends or other gamers if you wish so. Just send the redemption code to your friend and let them activate it on their Garena account. You can also follow the steps above on how to redeem Garena Shells.

Can I refund Garena Shells?

The system works differently for each game if you want to refund Garena Shells. If you purchase COD Points, it is non-refundable. But you can refund COD Points for each duplicate item picked out in Lucky Draw. As for the League of Legends, you can only request a refund for Riot Points in-game for purchases made in the last 90 days and for refundable items such as Chroma Packs, Ward Skins, Runes, and Champions. Furthermore, purchases in Garena Free Fire are non-refundable. However, they only allow a one-time refund for the wrong amount of purchased diamonds. Thus, it depends on the Garena games whether a refund is allowed.