How to Apply for a TIN Number Online

What is TIN Number?

TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number is a requirement for professionals, freelancers, manufacturers, dealers, mixed-income earners, and others who are qualified under Executive No. 98.

Being a taxpayer, individuals who derive income from practicing professions and freelance platforms result in more significant benefits in the future. Whether you are a professional or a freelancer, it is your responsibility to get your TIN and register yourself as the country’s taxpayer.

As we live in these modern days, online transactions and registrations are much preferred by individuals. It is time-efficient and convenient. BIR is keeping pace with technology. Getting your TIN at BIR eReg website is currently available online. You don’t have to go to BIR branch office for your payment registrations, issuance of TIN online, and generation of the Certificate of Registration.

However, the income taxes payment is not yet available through the BIR eReg online platform. Hopefully, it will be available sooner. For now, you can enjoy the benefits of getting your TIN online.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying For TIN Number?

Some people overlook the importance of TIN. Little did they know, it brings many gains they wouldn’t have if they haven’t registered in BIR. It is not only a requirement, but it is a law that everyone should comply.

Self-employed individuals such as artists, writers, designers, and other freelancers receive benefits by following the BIR requirements.

Benefit # 1: You are eligible for loans, transactions, and travels

You will enjoy more the benefits of traveling if you present your proof of income stated at your Income Tax Return. Applications with VISA, driver’s license, and passport will be smoother if you have TIN or ITR. Many Philippine’s institutions accept TIN as your valid ID, and it is one of the widely accepted Identification Cards in the country.

Another thing, ITR is essential when you apply for PAG-IBIG or SSS loans, and credit card. If you ever plan to get a PAG-IBIG house loan, it should be the first thing that you have in mind. Also forget about your dream trip to Korean, Franca, USA, or Japan if you don’t have plans to register a TIN.

Benefit # 2 : Avoid Penalties

Those who are freeing themselves with taxes will receive higher penalties than their yearly income. It is also punishable by law. As a Filipino citizen, it is our responsibility to pay for taxes. Once you get caught by BIR, there’s no going back. Evading taxes means you need to pay 25-50% of your yearly income with additional 20% interest. Aside from that, knowing you do your part to follow the rules brings inner peace. So, better to fix your TIN as early as possible.

Benefit # 3 : You will receive Proof of Registration and OR (Official Receipt) issuance

If you have a business or corporation, you need the proof of registration and Official Receipt. Thinking about long-term when you have a business is necessary. As it improves and grows more prominent, your clients might request for different payment gateways options. In that case, you need to present OR as needed.

You can only have it if you get yourself registered in BIR. It also shows your credibility as a trustworthy and reliable businessman. Printing your OR with accredited printers are permissible, in case your clients asked for it.

Benefit # 4 : Being BIR-registered widen opportunities

When your business grows, financial transactions also widen out. It would be best if you had an internet connection, phone connection, and sometimes a credit card. These could help for better client’s experience. Income-related documents would allow you to do multiple financial transactions without too much curating or your employment background.

You can continue improving your business without worrying about tax evasion penalties or such. It is also another burden lifted away from your shoulder. So, if you have business or services offered, make sure to settle your TIN, and it will save you from further complications.

How to Apply for a TIN Number Online

Remember, only one TIN per person is permissible. Having two or more TIN is illegal and punishable by law. If it is your first time registering for BIR, you can proceed to the official BIR eReg website for your online application.

1. Go to the BIR eReg website.

Just follow this link:

You can register using your desktop or mobile phones.

2. Fill out the online registration form.

Click the online form and fill out all the required fields. Make sure to double-check the complete details before hitting the ‘Submit’ button to avoid errors and mistakes. One mistake can lead to hassle of making changes to your TIN information.

Note: Your email should be active since BIR will send the details to your e-mail address.

3. Receive the email from BIR.

Open BIR email, and that’s where you will receive your e-TIN number. You need to pay P500 for the registration fee if you are a proprietor or professional.

Where Can I send Payment For Registration Fee?

You’ll find several payment gateways to pay for your registration fee.

Authorized Agent Banks

You can check directly to the BIR website to see the lists of available agent banks where you can send fee for your registration.


Gcash is a mobile wallet replenishment allowing you to do some financial transactions and bills payments, including BIR registration fee. The steps to use Gcash is simple.

  • Open your Gcash App > Pay Bills > Government > BIR
  • Fill out the form. Fill in the Form Series, Return Period, TIN you received from your email, Branch Code, Amount, and Email Adress.
  • Check the details before you click the ‘Next’ button. The details will appear on the screen for you to double-check. If there is no further problem, you can proceed with your payment.


BIR eFPS accept UCPB’s payment. You have the option to pay at UCPB online platform or UCPB branches. If you don’t like the hassle of going outside the comfort of your home, then you can sign up for their online service. Before you can proceed to this payment gateway, you have to register first at UCBP CM.Biz.

  • Visit
  • Login to your BIR User ID. Make sure you have stable internet before you proceed with your payment to avoid technical problems and void of your transaction.
  • At the Payment Form Page, you need to fill in the required fields – eFPS Mode of Payment, Transacting Bank, and the Amount you need to pay.
  • Hit ‘Submit.”
  • After finishing submitting the form, the website will redirect you to the UCPB CM.Biz site. Log in using your CM.Biz username, password, and Company ID.
  • Click ‘UCBP BIR eFPS menu at the left side, and hover down to ‘Create Tax Payment.’ Check if the information from your BIR eFPS is accurate and correct.
  • Click the ‘Debit Account’ and hit the ‘Confirm’ button. After reviewing your details, click ‘Submit.’

Important: If you are planning to get a TIN number for opening bank account, it is advisable to go to the nearest BIR branch instead of applying online. You need to ask letter request from the bank to apply for TIN. You will then present it to BIR RDO office. You should have a valid reason for getting TIN before issuance. It is for legal safety.

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