How Much is the Transaction Fee for GCash?

GCash allows you to have easy access to your money by converting your phone into your own digital wallet. For those who frequently need to cash-in or cash-out to their GCash wallets, you may be wondering about the service fees for these transactions, if any, to be more conscious of how you are going to proceed with your transactions.

In this article, we share with you the different fees for cash-in and cash-out transactions through different methods. Take note of the ways in which you can transact for free if you want to avoid the service fees. 

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Transaction Fees for Cash-In

Via Over-the-Counter Outlets

You can cash-in to your GCash wallet through thousands of partner outlets all over the country. These over-the-counter outlets include:

  • Pawnshops like Palawan Pawnshop, Cebuana Lhuiller, Villarica, and Tambunting;
  • Payment facilities like Globe stores, Bayad Center, ECPay, and ExpressPay;
  • SM and Robinsons Department Stores and Puregold Supermarket;
  • 7-Eleven convenience stores;
  • LBC Express; and
  • Payment machines like TouchPay, Shell Select, and eTap/ Pay & Go.

You can cash-in via over-the-counter outlets for FREE up to Php 8,000 monthly. Once the P8,000 monthly limit is reached, a 2% service fee will apply each time you cash in. The cash-in limit refreshes on the first day of each month, so you can cash-in Php 8,000 for free every month.

Via Partner Banks

Cashing in via online or mobile banking is ideal if you need to transact from anywhere, especially if you need to cash-in larger amounts. GCash prefers the following banks:

  • BPI
  • UnionBank

 If you have these bank accounts, you can link your account to GCash for easier transactions. Cashing in is FREE for BPI and UnionBank, and you can finish your transaction directly from the GCash app.

Via Other Banks

To cash in using other bank accounts, major banks that have the InstaPay service are also supported by GCash. However, you will need to access their respective apps or websites to transfer funds to your GCash wallets. These banks may also incur service fees for InstaPay that vary per bank (Php 0 to Php 50).

NOTE: To promote digital transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic, some banks have waived their InstaPay transaction fees. Some have waived their fees until the end of September, while some have waived them until the end of the year.

You can cash-in to these banks for FREE until September 30, 2020:

  • BDO
  • Metrobank
  • RCBC

You can cash-in to these banks for FREE until December 31, 2020, or until further notice:

  • AUB
  • EastWest Bank
  • LandBank
  • Maybank
  • PBCOM (will charge Php 1.00)
  • PNB
  • PSBank
  • Security Bank
  • UCPB

Via Bank Cards (Visa/Mastercard)

You can also link your Visa Bank Card or Mastercard to your GCash account for faster transactions. As of July 6, 2020, cash-ins via bank cards now incur a data charge of 2.58% of the cash-in value.

This convenience fee is due to direct charges from GCash’s payment partners, not from GCash itself.

Via Remittance

 GCash also supports cashing in your remittance amount from money transfer services directly from the GCash app. These remittance partners include:

  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union
  • PayPal

For MoneyGram and Western Union, cashing in your remittance into your GCash wallet is FREE of charge, but the sender will incur the transfer fees from the remittance partner.

For PayPal, transferring money from your available PayPal balance to your GCash wallet is FREE of charge.

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Transaction Fees for Cash-Out

Via Over-the-Counter Outlets

Withdrawing from your GCash wallet is easy because you can also cash out using via over-the-counter outlets. These include:

  • Pawnshops like Palawan Pawnshop, Villarica, and Tambunting;
  • Payment facilities like Bayad Center and ExpressPay; and
  • SM and Robinsons Department Stores and Puregold Supermarket;

For cash-out transactions across these over-the-counter outlets incur a service fee of 2% of the amount to be cashed out. This fee is deducted from your GCash wallet along with the cashed out amount.

Via ATM Withdrawal using a GCash Mastercard

 If you avail of a GCash Mastercard, you can withdraw from your GCash account using any Bancnet- or Mastercard-compatible ATM nationwide. You can withdraw money with your GCash Mastercard by using it like any regular ATM card.

Cashing out via ATM withdrawal using your GCash Mastercard has a fixed service fee of Php 20 per withdrawal, regardless of the amount to be withdrawn. The minimum amount for withdrawal is Php 500, while the maximum withdrawal limit is Php 50,000 per day.

Being aware of the different transaction fees from GCash makes you a more informed customer. If you want to transact for free or with a minimal service charge, make sure to select the appropriate cash-in or cash-out channel for your transaction.