How to Use GCash to Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the hottest mobile games today, especially in the Philippines where there are millions of players battling on their phones every day. In such a competitive game setting, many of us want to have that extra oomph to boost our stats and help our team reach that victory. And one way to do that is through buying Diamonds that you can use to purchase different items like new skins and heroes to improve your gameplay.

Buying Diamonds online is very simple, and there’s no credit card required. If you have a GCash account, you can actually use your digital wallet to buy Mobile Legends Diamonds. There are many ways to purchase using your GCash account, but here we show you the two easiest ways to buy Diamonds using your GCash wallet.

What you’ll need

Before you can use your GCash wallet to purchase Diamonds, make sure that your account has enough balance for your chosen Diamond recharge. Cash-in to your GCash e-wallet through over-the-counter outlets, online banking, or remittance.

You will need your Mobile Legends User ID for this transaction. To find your User ID, go to Mobile Legends’ main game screen and click on your avatar on the top-left corner of your screen. Your User ID is displayed under your nickname from the “Basic Info” tab. The format of the User ID is 12345678(1234).

Option 1: Buy game credits from the GCash app/ Razer Gold.

From the GCash app, you can buy Razer Gold PINs that you can use to top-up your Mobile Legends Diamonds from the Razer Gold top-up website.

  1. Open and log-in to your GCash account on your mobile phone.
  2. From the GCash dashboard, tap on “Buy Load”. On the next screen, tap “Next”.
  3. From the menu, scroll to the right and look for “Game Credits”.
  4. Select the package that you want to redeem. Packages range from 20 up to 5,000 Razer Gold Pins. Tap “Next”.

Packages are priced in a 1:1 ratio. Thus, 20 Razer Gold Pins is priced at Php 20.00, so on and so forth. In Razer Gold, the number of Diamonds will be according to this table.

Number of DiamondsGCash Price/ Number of Razer Gold Pins
11Not available
22Php 20.00
56Php 50.00
112Php 100.00
168Php 150.00
224Php 200.00
277Php 250.00
336Php 300.00
570Php 500.00
1,163Php 1,000.00
2,397Php 2,000.00
6,042Php 5,000.00
  1. Confirm your transaction details, and tap “Pay”.
  2. Once your transaction has been successfully processed, you will receive an SMS from GCash confirming your transaction, including the Serial Number and the PIN.
  3. Visit Razer Gold’s Mobile Legends top-up website. Choose “Use Razer Gold Pin”.
  4. Enter your Mobile Legends User ID. You can also enter your email address to receive a receipt of your transaction. Click “Next”.
  5. Enter the Serial Number and PIN you received via SMS. Click “Next”
  6. Confirm the transaction, and click “Proceed to Checkout”.
  7. Once your transaction has been successfully processed, your Diamonds should reflect in your Mobile Legends account in a few moments.

Option 2: Use GCash as your payment option in Codashop.

Codashop is another popular top-up website to buy game credits for different games, including Mobile Legends. GCash has a partnership and direct integration with Codashop, so there are no extra fees included. You also get 5% off, so you can get the best deal if you choose GCash as your payment option.

  1. Visit Codashop’s Mobile Legends top-up website.
  2. Enter your Mobile Legends User ID.
  1. Select the number of Diamonds you wish to recharge.
Number of DiamondsGCash Price
11Not available
22Not available
56Php 47.50
112Php 95.00
223Php 190.00
336Php 285.00
570Php 475.00
1163Php 950.00
2398Php 1,900.00
6042Php 4,750.00
  1. You can enter your email address on the specified field if you want to receive a receipt of your transaction. Click “Buy Now”.
  2. A pop-up will ask you to confirm your transaction details. Click “Confirm and go to payment.”
  3. You will be redirected to the GCash payment page. Log in to your account by entering your Gcash mobile number, MPIN, and one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile.
  4. Confirm the payment. Once your transaction has been successfully processed, your Diamonds should reflect in your Mobile Legends account in a few moments. You will also receive an SMS from GCash confirming your transaction.

Use GCash to buy Mobile Legends Diamonds and lead your team to victory. Legendary!